7 pm on Saturday night. Who are the real candidates?

I’ll hang up and listen to those that’s got inside info.

I keep telling everyone Wood “Clutch” Newton

I feel confident saying Drinkwitz is a candidate because he has interviewed for the job.

After the game today he was asked about being tied to other jobs. I’m paraphrasing, but he said he owes it to his family to hear out a program to see if he is interested, but that he’s not in a hurry to leave App State.

Is Pittman still a legitimate candidate?

Not as HC.

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People close to Drinkwitz believe it’s his job. We’ll see.

Let’s hope App State doesn’t out bid us.

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I think its Nutt and the crew he had when they went to the SEC game . It wouldn’t be a bad idea until they get the ship going straight again.

I consider this really good news. Folks know I was not enamored with Kiffin and Dave Bartoo comments reinforced that thinking.

Drink at this point in his career is not too different from Norvell was when we passed on him in 2017 which was a HUGE mistake.

I think Drink is one of the best young offensive minds in the country and if we pass on him he’ll be at another P5 soon. If we pass now he may well be the next Memphis coach.


Drinkwitz might be the next big thing in coach. Or he might be bad hire. He’s not a sexy hire but in 2-3 seasons he might be.

Yep - key for Arkansas is to hire the next big time guy. Baylor did that with Rhule, ISU with Campbell, etc.

Perhaps it’s our time to get it right.

He must bring a good, SEC quality staff.

Is that who we think it is.

Let’s have a Drink!

The HS coaches in the state respect and loves the guy. Doesn’t mean he’ll be successful, but I haven’t heard a bad thing about him.

I must say when his name came up I did a little research and watched there game today. I commented in another thread I liked his composure, liked his off and I think that’s where we’re at now at this time. I know after last several years this needs to be correct and taking a chance on a new guy is risky but something tells me this may just work

Let me get this straight. We have a chance to hire a guy who has his team currently ranked 21st in the nation and might even be higher at year’s end?

Hell yeah! I’ll drink to that. Let’s go, coach. We’ve got work to do.


Good post, WPS

Reporting elsewhere down to Drink and Lunney.

If we hire a TE coach I’ll be infuriated but not surprised. We told the new FSU coach to get lost in favor of Chaggie.


CM Hammer, WPS