7 OT Kentucky game just now coming on on SEC network

One of my all-time favorite games!

Watching that again I was reminded how much I disliked that color analyst. I believe it was Bill Curry, but not sure, the name could be wrong. But I did recognize his voice and bias. His comments seemed to really be slanted towards talking Kentucky up and only really giving negative comments on Arkansas.

Bill Curry was Kentucky’s head coach for seven years.

Yes I was aware of that. And if it was just a local broadcast I’d expect to generally get some sort of biased color commentary. On a national broadcast I expect better professionalism and at least an attempt to be neutral. Never got that from Curry. He was a Kentucky & Bama homer all the way.

So I guess the only good thing I can say about him was that he was consistent.

My wife and I and our two young kids were at the game along with two other families that we were close with after moving to Northern KY.
We were all in Hog hats / ball caps and painted up with Hog tattoos.
It was a marathon, but we were all in until the very end and fortunately the Hogs came out on top. We decided that since we had been there that long we would wait outside the locker room and get our Hog gear signed by coaches and players which they did even in the wee hours of the morning. Our friend were so impressed with how the Razorbacks were so gracious and appreciative of their fans.
Seventeen years later that game still comes up when we get together.
Hope we get back to playing many exciting games in the near future.

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Every announcer/analyst that has ever done an Arkansas game is always biased against the Hogs #science

Just an incredible game! Matt Jones and Jason Peters made such incredible plays to keep the game going!!

One of the things I will remember most about that game was Jared Lorenzen calling out his fans for leaving!!! "Hey where y’all going! You going to miss a hell of a game":joy: and man was he right!

You say po-tah-toe, I say po-tay-toe…

I actually enjoyed listening to Curry in the color role over the years. I thought he brought a lot of good background and commentary to the games, and I never sensed any anti-Arkansas bias. In that particular game, he did have a UK perspective that few would (given his background), and that enabled him to share things with the audience most other analysts would not have been able to. But I found it interesting and informative, not demeaning to the Razorbacks.

BTW, If I’m not mistaken, he was also in the booth for the original 7 OT game vs. Ole Miss. I thought he did a splendid job that game as well (I remember a shot of Matt Jones with eyes and index fingers pointed to the heavens after one of his amazing plays in OT, and Curry’s comment was “Matt is giving thanks to the proper authority”).

To each his own.

I always enjoyed Curry as a color analyst.

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