7 of 8

Arkansas has lost seven of the past eight games against Mississippi State, including three by at least 30 points and the last two by a combined 76. I never thought I would see that.

As an almost 4 decade fan I’m shocked that the U program administration has let the state flagship program slip like this to where it’s not relevant nationally or even regionally.

Embarrassing lack of leadership at the very top for many years.

Hadn’t have any leadership in AD office since Frank was there (even with his faults)

The rebuild isn’t complete talent wise not even close! But the staff needs a shake up.
I never thought the hogs would be getting beat by 30 points by any team! It hurts when Miss ST, Ole Miss and Missouri beat our hogs like yard dogs.
Losing stinks.
Maybe the leaderships that does the hiring should take a hit for their poor decisions. Not only hiring but the contracts they agree too!