7 of 8 Arkansans made NBA playoffs

Gafford is the only one who missed it.

Last I heard, Business Decision Goodwin was playing in Ukraine. But I doubt that league is playing now, and if it is, I don’t think I would want to be there. Although I see now that Goodwin’s team won the 2022-23 championship, so I guess they played anyway.

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Goodwin left Ukraine at start of the war. He was in Little Rock right after that. Saw him at a basketball camp. Not sure what he is doing now.

Happy to see ex-Razorbacks make the playoffs and doing well!!

Bobby Portis
Patrick Beverley
Moses Moody
Jaylin Williams
Isaiah Joe

Sorry to see that Daniel Gafford missed out this year.

As for the rest… well they were not Razorbacks so I’ll just channel my best impression of Rhett Butler.


What I found is that the Ukrainian league canceled the 21-22 season because of the war, then played the season anyway in 22-23.

Archie played 12 of their 14 games for them in the European Cup tournament and 2 in the FIBA Champions League this year; I’m guessing all of those were played outside Ukraine. Also played 5 of their 7 games in Baltic League and 7 of their 8 games in European North League. However he did not play in any of their 32 domestic league games.

Just because they were raised in Arkansas does not make them Arkansans. Great to hear about the former Hogs. Yawn on the others…


Please Note: This is a good thing for recruiting & The Muss Buss!

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I asked his former coaches and learned some of that. You have lot more information though, Thanks. Good to know his whereabouts.

Here are the stats for his team for the 22-23 season.

Apparently they just played a game Sunday in the domestic league; Archie didn’t play, of course.

Arkansas Razorback or not, we should be proud of Austin Reaves and how he has managed to stick in NBA. He has been a key contributor in Lakers late surge into the playoffs. As a fan of Lakers, I have watched at least half of their games. He has grown into a perfect NBA guard, more than a spot shooter he used to be. Aggressive and drawing fouls in the paint has become part of his tool box.

Isaiah is doing the same now. Although he is going to have a tough time beating out this 20 year old Aussie Josh Giddy for a starter spot.

My feelings also.

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I am ok with rooting for Arkansans who didn’t spur a Razorback offer and go elsewhere. If they weren’t offered by the U of A and go and have success, then they deserve our support. Kids like Monk… meh.

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Monk BTW had a very nice year. 14 pts per game and had a 45 point game,

I don’t remember much about Austin Reaves, was he not offered by the Hogs?

Sadly, no.

Moderator should cut and paste some of the old threads on this topic where it was explained why he wasn’t offered, why no P5 school offered, why Wichita State took a chance on him, and more.

Cliffs Notes version: He was academically marginal, most schools didn’t think he would qualify. Wichita took a chance and it paid off.

I also saw it noted that zero of the three Texas teams advanced to the playoffs (all four California teams did).

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