7 new players coming (and counting)

Now completing his 4th recruiting class at Arkansas, Coach Muss has now brought in 26 new players (and counting…. walkons not included).

  • 2019-20 (Coach’s first year at Arkansas) - (5) Cylla, Iyiola, Witt Jr., Notae (development year), Vanover (development year)

  • 2020-21 - (8) Smith, Tate, Jackson, Williams, Davis, Moody, KK Robinson, Johnson (development year)

  • 2021-22 - (6) Lykes, Toney, Umude, J. Robinson, Wade, Moore

  • 2022-23 - (7) Smith, Walsh, Black, Ford, Pinion, Dunning, Brazile

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Muss will create the most competition this program has seen. Players that want to transfer will have an open door out. But those that want to compete at the highest level and win championships will flock here


Just 2 posts to this thread but very good ones at that.

It’s never been a better time to be a Razorback!!


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