600$ richer this Morning,liking2021 already

Pleasant surprise, will just set it aside to give it back to them later🙂

I understand that! I wish the politicians would take the time to put a bill together that followed the name of it on top!
The relief cash :dollar: should be given to people that need it. But that would take too much time.

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Well I didn’t mean for this to be anything political.I guess I should have known better. I was just surprised to see it in there🙂


Me too. I don’t mean to political

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I think if you need it, it’s a very good thing right now. Maybe 2021 will be a better year.

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I don’t need it to survive, and I plan on using it only at local restaurants and also tipping lavishly. It will be a nice break from so much cooking at home.

I will also have a quick shopping trip to a local bookstore. I figure that’s the best way for me to actually stimulate things.

I might even move up to double ply toilet paper for a while.

All toilet paper is at least double ply. That’s the gimmick. Most is quadruple ply by the time you pull enough off to get a good wad.

Not sure what you meant but did you mean to post the same thing on two different forums?

Two different forums because people look at two different forums.

There’re actually 3 more forums if you don’t want to miss anyone.

No kidding! Didn’t know that…Thank you for more of your incrediblly useful information !

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