60 Minutes segment

The Sixty Minutes segment on Giannis of the Milwaukee Bucks eerily reminded me of our Daniel Gafford. There are some similarities there!

He is indeed a freak.

I was worried when I opened it that it was going to be about another one of the segments.

Ha ha

I seldom watch “60 minutes” anymore. Their political views are so blatantly obvious that it’s hard to call it journalism. Today’s “60 Minutes” is more akin to People magazine.

With all the sports to watch, I seldom watch shows of any kind, period. But watched it yesterday for the same reasons why a record number tuned in last night. And you are right Giannis reminds one of Gafford. I think Gafford will slowly develop offensive skills like the freak has.

There is not a single cable TV news organization out there now that isn’t carrying the water for someone these days.

It’s just to what degree these days.

I started to watch the Stormy Daniels segment last night, but decided I’d just try to find what she said about Trump in one of her movies. I watched 4-5 of them & I don’t think she mentioned him at all. I guess I’ll have to pull them back up tonight since I must’ve missed the part where she talked about him.

Priceless. Somebody’s gotta do the research, right?

Yes. There are just some things one doesn’t want to rely upon summaries and heasay about.


There is not a single cable TV news organization out there now that isn’t carrying the water for someone these days.

It’s just to what degree these days.

[/quote] Exactly. If you watch any news outlet & think you’re getting the unvarnished truth you are a sucker

CBS is not a cable TV news channel. I think it has done a good job of remaining journalistically-sound on its news programs, including 60 Minutes. I know many will scoff, say fake news and move on, but watch CBS closely - its morning show, its evening newscast, Face the Nation, etc. - and then watch similar newscasts on ABC, NBC and the cable networks, and you will see a difference. I’ve made this comment to a number of people and all who took the time to do it said they saw the difference, too.

I remember the Obama administration being upset with plenty of the stories aired on 60 Minutes. Every administration has been. To me, that’s the hallmark of solid reporting and that’s why it has stayed No. 1 for 50 years.

There was a lady who did research and had a graph showing the bias of the news networks. AP and ABC were two of the closest to truth and unbiased reporting, but if you watch ESPN, Disney, and ABC News (All owned by the same company) they give conflicting reports. It’s a way to keep ratings and money. True an unbiased journalism is a thing of the past. Even, on here there has been some questionable reports made.

Such as?

Read all the reports. Then wait a month or two and another reporter will post the same story with very different endings, and act as if the first story was never reported or say, “I never said that.”

Has happened several times, with several of your associates on this very page.

As long as a certain CNN anchor is one of the lead 60 Minutes anchor, I won’t watch it. But that’s just me (and for the record, it has everything to do with bias and nothing to do with his personal life).

Did you watch “Inside Trump’s Tower” or “YOU’RE FIRED … or am I?” as part of the research :sunglasses: :sunglasses:

Gosh! Why does everything have to go to politics or ratings. Most all of you missed the whole point of this entire post. Had you simply watched the story of the NBA Player Giannis of the Milwaukee Bucks you would have seen that he has been labeled as the “Greek Freak” because of his athleticism . The same label of Freak has been applied to DG. I mean Dang… and some of you guys have to be like a bunch of coon hounds and go off baying down a trail after a rabbit. Whether you like CBS, Sixty Minutes or not, it was a darn good story about a fine young athlete! Give me a break…