6 years ago today


I could watch this for hours. Thanks Marty!


Craziest I’ve ever seen in my life! Just unbelievable!!


Never get tired of watching it!!


That’s will always be a good clip to watch and enjoy! The most unbelievable play I’ve ever seen!


I was on the field. Was not sure what I’d seen. Worst place to watch football.

When coaches say they need to watch the film, I understand.

I was kind of stunned to see Alex running with the ball in my direction.

I really did not understand the play until I watched replay on my phone. Incredible.


A key part of that play was the fumble recovery at the end of Collins’ run. I believe it was Dominique Reed following the play that fell on the ball. (I always thought Collins was instinctively thinking of lateraling the ball as he was going down, trying to ensure he made a first down).

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Skippers tip was the key to all of it playing out like it did.

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I’m from Ca and my daughter graduated in 2013, since 09 we ve done a father/daughter game every year……….that was our game and we were there :boar::boar::boar:

Yes You’re right Clay,you can’t see really anything on the Field for sure.I use to always have to have eyes in the press box to tell what was going on.

I think I recall reading where Alex said he “fumbled” on purpose bc he wasn’t sure he was beyond the marker.

I believe Alex incorrectly thought we had to score on that play, for some reason…so he did, in fact, “fumble” on purpose. Thank goodness we recovered. Can you imagine the frustration if we’d have pulled off that play, only to lose the ball on a fumble/lateral we didn’t need to keep the ball?

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Who is that color announcer, I recognize the voice. Kinda makes the vid.
“their down, but I don’t know if their out!” :sunglasses:

That was Aaron Taylor. Former Notre Dame OL. If I recall, he was on a broadcast years ago as a dual commentator with Craig James, when Taylor famously said…. “Just win, Baby! W- E-N. Win”.

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Yes. That’s my memory as well. I recall they spent quite a while “unwrapping” that play before the officials finally called it our ball 1st & 10. At the time I didn’t realize Alex had let go of the ball. All I saw was that he’d passed the line to gain. So, yeah, the pain would’ve been unbearable to have made such a spectacular play and then lose it on an intentional fumble.

Of course, it still took a play or two to score then we dodged a bullet again when Brandon was wrapped up in the backfield on the 2-point try, but the defender grabbed his facemask. He made it across from the 1.5 yard line for the win.

It’s always wonderful to beat Ole Miss, but there’s something especially sweet about that one. I think it’s because OM & Freeze thought they’d won it several times during that OT.

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There was not an eye on the TV or on the field that knew what that play meant in real time… look at Allen’s expression, he was as confused as the rest of us. I stand corrected, HH knew what it meant.

Alex said he thought he was short of first down and decided to fumble.

I didn’t remember any kind of controversy about the play at the time…just a lot of Rebel heartache…but this story explains that the play was officiated correctly, down the line…even if some broken-hearted Ole Miss fans claimed otherwise.

And here’s an interesting play-by-play of that moment from the collective Ole Miss perspective…

I’d forgotten that OM fans whined about it being an illegal play. All that really did for me was to make it more enjoyable. I loathe OM & it’s just special to beat them. I hated losing to them in Oxford last month, but at least I’m now confident they won’t go to the SECCG–a streak that’s lasted ever since the game was first played.