6 takeaways from the open practice

I feel like Joseph Pinion might play the most of the non-five star freshmen becuz of his 3-pt shooting ability. But I very well could be wrong about that.


Yeah, but can Pinion get open against good, quick and physical defenses? That’s the issue. Remains to be seen. I assume he has a quick-enough release. Otherwise, Muss wouldn’t have recruited him.

Also not sure he can guard at Muss’ level right out of the gate. We’ve seen you won’t play if you can’t defend.

Right those are the ?s regarding Pinion. He does indeed have a very quick release on his shot. He’s more athletic than people realize. He’ll be able to get himself open at the 3-pt line and also breakdown his defender and get to the rim. He was hampered by a knee injury all last year but he’s healthy now. One thing he can do, and do very well, is shoot the ball. Best shooter on the team, in fact. I agree his level of defensive effort/intensity will dictate his playing time.

Thanks Swine. Good to know.

I disagree, I am interested in Pinion, but I think Ford is the 4th freshmen and gets more time than others, I think his overall skill set is better suited.

Edit: I will say however, that I’ve seen several people compare Pinion to Thurman, if he’s close, he may play a lot

I’m really pulling for Pinion. He committed early and never wavered. If he is anything like Scotty or Dusty, we will better for it.


I’ve heard twice now the last 2 days, on different radio sports talk shows in Little Rock, talking about the buzz around how well Dunning has been playing in practice lately. It’s interesting because he had such monstrous numbers his senior season. I don’t know what kind of competition he was playing against though. I haven’t heard it anywhere else, so take it for what it’s worth.

I really like Dunning. Even with the expected mass exodus next year, I think Dunning, Pinion, and Ford will be very valuable pieces going forward. I think Muss has to start stacking classes, and building depth, at some point.

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I’ve always liked Dunning Jeremy I think we were both talking about his incredible numbers in high school and then found out he played in a very high classification in Alabama. I have always thought he may have been very underrated which could be easily understood considering the great ones we have brought in but I think he will be a very solid player for us.

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Dunning reminds me of Adrio Bailey. He’s an undersized “big man”, has a nose for the ball, but I believe Dunning is a much better all around player. I can see him having a few good years.


Seems like BD has hit a few treys in the practice sessions/video clips

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I think it stems from Muss commenting on him and the little bit of action the media saw the other day. His outside shot has surprised to some degree. I’m betting he’s also just playing really hard and his assignments.

He’s an interesting case in that he was really highly rated early on as a 15/16 year old, but didn’t stick out as much in grassroots ball after. Always stood out in high school ball, as noted already.

He certainly fits Muss’ preferences for size and versatility, so maybe this ends up being a great eval for us.


Two times Alabama player of the year speaks loudly.

Yes it does

Ford was back to back AR player of the year (Nick Smith was National, can someone explain that?).

Pretty sure you’re mixing organizations. Ford was Gatorade state player of the year. Gradey Dick was Gatorade national player of the year. Gatorade awards are not just based on basketball performance. Off court stuff is considered.

Nick just got a National POY award. Might not be Gatorade (found it, he was USA Today’s NPOY).

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