6 takeaways from the open practice


Great Breakdown Scottie,this team is going to be a lot of fun!

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Almost felt like I was there, Scottie. Hope to catch a practice soon.

Just watched the interviews on YouTube. Sounds like Muss literally stole a player in Ricky Council. He didn’t come with a lot of hype, but he’s got Nick’s, AB’s, and Trevon’s respect. Nick said, “he’s gonna be a problem” for whoever tries to jump with him. I freaking love that!

I also enjoyed hearing Muss talking about recruiting bigs that could pull the opposing big out of the lane. That is exactly what Coach Richardson did 30 years ago when we beat Shaq twice by putting Big O in the high post and letting him pass behind Shaq to cutters, like Todd Day and Lee Mayberry. Coach Richardson was soooo ahead of his time.

On a personal note, Nick sounds so much like Kobe when he speaks. It did my heart good to hear that “Mamba Mentality” again. So glad he’s a Hog, if only for a year. No doubt in my mind he is a future NBA All-Star, but I hope he’s a National Champion before he goes. Go Hogs!


This team is going to be fun to watch!!

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great read, Scotty, thanks for jump-starting my thursday! that Smith-to-Walsh pass and dunk looked awesome on your video, I bet it was jaw-dropping in person. and even on video, the speed at which this team does things is really impressive, I’d love to be courtside watching these guys go to work. Happy for all you guys that Muss invited you in.


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This was happening to several in the last week or 2 and what worked for most, me included, was to log out on that front page, then log in on the front page. You should be good to go then on both the front page and on the forums without having to log in on either site, unless, of course you have intentionally logged out.

I’ll never forget Coach Richardson pulling Shaq out on Big O. It was a “thing of beauty”!


It was genius, Danny.


All you got to do brother is call the customer service they will reset your password I’ve had to do this twice in the last 2 or 3 months.it is frustrating because I went literally years without ever logging in and that’s why I didn’t know my password

Do you think this team will shoot the 3-ball better than last season’s?

Muss said in the presser they’d better. He said it’s almost impossible to make the Elite Eight while ranking in the 300s in 3PP (to be exact, #320), but we somehow did it last year. He doesn’t want to try to do it again,

I think they will be if for no other reason than the player likely to have the highest usage (Nick Smith) is a better perimeter shooter than last season’s highest-usage guy. I get that’s far from the only piece to the puzzle, but it’s a solid start.


It was great seeing Pinion moving around well without a brace in the film clips … if his shooting in practice translates to games, he might become the instant-offense-off-the-bench we hoped Jaxson Robinson would be.

All three 5-stars plus RC4 are plus dribble-drivers who will draw help leaving good looks at the arc … we should convert those at a higher rate than JD from the snout :wink:


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I don’t think there’s a lot of high percentage 3 pt shooters on the team but I think for sure Pinion can, Smith has a good stroke. Dunning has a nice shot, I saw black knock down three or four in a practice shooting drill. I think where this team is going to really stand out is getting second
chance shots I can see us getting a lot of put backs and old-fashioned 3-point plays on follow-up shots.

Pinion can definitely shoot but I’d be real surprised if he makes Muss’ top 8 - 9. I don’t think he or Ford will end up getting that many minutes this year.

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We averaged 6.3 treys per game on 30% shooting last year. Just shooting 35% would increase that by a trey per game on the same number of attempts, and that extra three points could win some games. And 35% wouldn’t even have been in the top 100 nationally.


Great point. In addition, I believe AB will make this team a better 3 point shooter by finding the open shooter. Even a 30%, 3 point shooter, will make closer to 40% if he’s open with feet set when he shoots. AB, as a pass first PG, will improve team 3-point shot selection, which, in turn will improve 3 point percentage.


yeah exactly

better shot selection = more makes

plus now we have multiple great-passing pgs (AB and NS) who will get the ball to the shooters in the right spots on the floor

Probably agree with you. Specifically focused on Ford on one watch. Built like a tank. Speaking of Tanks he reminded me of a bigger Tank Bowers. That can’t be all bad

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