6 storylines to track in tomorrow's scrimmage

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— Right side of the OL. Do Jackson/Merrick look workable or is the Rogers-Raulerson look their best bet.

— Storey vs Peavey for backup QB. Obviously Kelley’s in there too and he has the most upside of the three, but with him almost certainly redshirting, I think it’ll come down to Ty and Rafe.

— Want to see how Tevin Beanum looks. Lost 15 pounds, but the staff has acted extremely confident that he’ll be ready to and maybe even start in week one.

— Arkansas may not use its base defense as much as it’s in nickel or cash looks, but Khalia Hackett vs Josh Williams at the Sam LB spot is still very much up in the air.

— It sounds like Dean will return before too long, but hamstring injuries can linger. Does Cornelius Floyd or Byron Keaton look passable at CB? Does Pulley get an expanded role if they move Toliver inside at times?

— Kicking is one of the few things the media gets to see in the open 20 minutes of Tuesday and Thursday practices. Cole Hedlund has been solid in those, but couldn’t hit a 35-yarder on his only attempt in last week’s scrimmage. Worth watching tomorrow given the past.

Check as a storyline whether corners play up or provide that enormous cushion? This alone will have a huge impact on our won-loss record. It’s a major story-line.

I see we’re going to need the dead horse icon…

Nevertheless, it’s a true story line, Jeffrie.

I agree with Tusc here. If we’re giving 10 yards; we’re toast, again.

Rhoades has been hailed as a big asset to this staff anxious to see his impact on the weakest softest secondary in the west

Unless this gets cleaned up and technique improves with an improved DL to help we will struggle again against the spread

Jimmy’s scrimmage comments mentioned that we were playing a good bit of press coverage. You should be happy, Fred. You got one right for once. :shock:

Hate to enter the treacherous waters of the “press coverage debate.”

But it seems to me that the focus is sometimes “why don’t the coaches play press”…and instead it should be “when will our personnel allow us to play press?”

You can’t play press unless you have the players to execute it, or the opponents band gets to play alot.

That said, it looks like perhaps Rhoades’ coaching has allowed some of our guys to really blossom…and is sounds like there will be more press.