6 SEC teams in the Supers

Assuming the Rebnecks manage not to blow a 16-run lead over Jacksonville State.

5 SEC West teams
Miss St
Ole Miss.
1 SEC East

Records for SEC Teams Combined
West 17-2.
East. 8-6
Overall 25-8 during regionals
The weak East!

And thanks to Jawja’s second consecutive choke in a home regional, Corndogs get to host the super. Which could mean an SEC West first game in Omaha.

Six SEC teams in the Supers…

Well, 5 of the 6 were Regional hosts, still five from the SEC West in the Supers is hefty.

Oregon State, West Virginia, Georgia (argh), and Georgia Tech could not win their Regionals. Five other top regional seeds are set to sling in out today, including overall #1 UCLA.

I think it’s pretty sorry for the the committee to set up the seeds for 2 teams in the same conference let alone the seam division to play in a super!
The overall all seeding for the top 16 was rigged! Georgia Tech, Oregon State and West Virginia shouldn’t have hosted! Money was an overall factor used of course tradition on a few more getting in the field!
I hope the hogs look at film from the last matchup against Ole Miss and notice how many strike outs were on pitches out of the strike zone. I’m looking forward to watching the Hogs play Ole Miss at Baum this weekend.

There will be one less Rebel after next weekend…

I hate Ole Miss and LSU. It’s a complete joke the committee rewarded both team to host and now we have to possibly play Ole Miss this weekend and maybe LSU in Omaha if we beat Ole Miss. what a joke!