6 NBA Draft picks in 19 years!

Three 1st round picks (Joe, Ronnie, and Bobby) and three 2nd round pics (Sonny, Patrick, and Daniel). In 19 years! Wow. That fact is THE most telling stat that defines Arkansas basketball over the past 2 decades.
I would guess there aren’t many power 5 programs with fewer NBA picks in that same timeframe. I sure hope Coach Muss can change the talent level on a consistent basis.

I stand corrected. There are plenty of other programs with even fewer NBA draft picks over the past 2 decades. Here are the number of picks from SEC schools from 2000-2019:
Alabama- 6
Auburn- 4
LSU- 13
Ole Miss- 3
Mississippi State- 5
Texas A&M- 6
Florida- 15
Georgia- 7
Kentucky- 44
Missouri- 10
South Carolina- 2
Tennessee- 9
Vanderbilt- 10

Big 12 schools:
Baylor- 7
Iowa State- 10
Kansas- 27
Kansas State- 3
Oklahoma- 9
Oklahoma State- 8
Texas- 18
TexasTech- 3
TCU- 0
West Virginia- 5

The ACC:
Boston College- 7
Clemson- 4
Duke- 36
Florida State- 14
Georgia Tech- 10
Louisville- 12
Miami- 11
North Carolina- 27
NC State- 7
Notre Dame- 6
Pittsburgh- 6
Syracuse- 21
Virginia- 11
Virginia Tech- 3
Wake Forest- 7

Big 10:
Illinois- 8
Iowa- 3
Indiana- 12
Maryland- 15
Michigan- 15
Michigan State- 18
Minnesota- 3
Nebraska- 1
Northwestern- 0
Ohio State- 14
Penn State- 1
Purdue- 9
Rutgers- 2
Wisconsin- 5

PAC 12:
Arizona- 24
Arizona State- 6
California- 10
Colorado- 7
Oregon- 14
Oregon State- 1
Stanford- 13
UCLA- 29
USC- 12
Utah- 5
Washington- 15
Washington State- 2

This is very interesting info. Thanks for bringing it to the board. I think it would be equally interesting to see not just the number of players drafted from each school (top 60 outgoing players) but compare that to the number of top 60 recruits that each school signed during that period (or maybe just the 1st round picks per top 30 recruit signed). If KY had 44 guys drafted and AR only had 6, but KY signed 100 top 60 guys and AR only signed 7, then as a top 60 recruit I might think if I went to AR my chances of getting drafted were actually better. Would be interesting to see if these recruiting factories are really giving these guys a better shot at the NBA or not on a percentage basis.

While there other considerations, total number of players your program places in the NBA is a decent indicator of comparable talent among schools. Based on the above numbers, we rank (would rank):
8th in the SEC
7th in the Big 12
12th in the ACC
8th in the Big 10
9th in the Pac 12

Of the 64 other power 5 programs, 39 have had more players drafted than Arkansas, 5 others have had the same, and we have had more players drafted than 20 other teams.

Nice research.

Wonder how it all stacks up if you count number of players who have actually played in the NBA. Since NBA went to only two rounds of draft, there are many undrafted players in the Association.

I am surprised with Vanderbilt having 10. I can’t recall that many.

Kentucky with 44…makes me wonder if any college coach has underperformed more than Cal.

Perhaps Coach K and Duke. I had seen a stat of % of McAAs that played in the NBA and I can’t find it now. But Kentucky had a higher perecentage than Duke on that stat.