6 last possession losses

3 OT plus LSU, So Car, Miss St.

Swine or Matt or someone can look it up but that may be the most in a season ever. Has to be at least close. So tough. Our record is deceiving.

Hate it but just may not be meant to be this year.

Sometimes it comes down to the mistakes at winning time and the hugs continue to make mistakes.
Turnovers late and fouls!
Today it wasnt missing free throws!
The hero ball ending a possession late stinks where you get a horrible shot.
I don’t like the late game play at all!
I would like to have seen the ball moved around and a drive to the rim!
Today 3 point shooting
Jones. 2/7
Sills. 2/4
Bailey. 2/3
Harris 0/2
So in my opinion Jones took a low percentage shot for him!

Wow, do you ever have a high bar on free throws. The team shot 89% on free throws. The free throw shooting today was what kept us in a position to win.

Some past games were lost at the free throw line, but certainly not this one.

I meant to say it wasn’t missed free throws. I know they shot 23/26 and Mason missed the only 3 that were bricks.
I’m just frustrated at how a team can play with such disregard for the ball and and loose by 1 darn point! Being at home makes it worse.

Today to me it was all of the chippies we missed at the basket. Adrio, Ethan etc. And the turnover and fast break when we are up 1 with the ball.

When you lose that many close ones it’s a lot of things. I just hate it because we are a few plays from being solidly in the tourney and now will be tough to get in.

This game was lost in missing 6 layups.

According to StatBroadcast, Arkansas missed 10 (12/22) layups and one dunk.

We are well coached, and we play hard. We are getting all we can out of this squad. We are undermanned or undertalented, whatever you want to call it. We have lost 7 or 8 games we could have won. It has been brutal. Isiaiah Joe’s injury did us in from having a good season. Maybe we can salvage something out of this if Joe comes back…maybe not.

We need to be patient. We have the coach…we just need some more players. We are just so shorthanded.

This team playing hard and not giving up makes the losses easier to deal with We’ve been in almost every game during this bad stretch. Fell confident Joe will be back. Jones is likely turning pro. But the future looks bright. We’ve got the right coach, 3 transfers who will contribute heavily next season and 4 four stars signed or committed. Yeah. I know keeping our three commits may be challenging with sleazes like Wade, Howland, and the fat sweaty guy at Auburn prowling around with checkbooks in hand. But I think CEM will keep them all and ad another piece or two before fall classes start up. The other SEC teams can get thier licks in this year. But starting next season, we’ll be the ones taking it to them.

There is only one answer to why we continue to play close in spite of rebounding deficits, missed free throws, throwing the ball away, etc. The answer is Mason Jones.

I am sure some would like to credit Muss for everything positives and playing hard, etc, Of course, Muss has done a good job and Hogs play hard. But the reason we stay close is Mason. Take Mason off this team and there will be multiple blowouts.

I had hailed Whitt as the MVP. No question it is Mason. We can play close without Joe, we can play close without Whitt. Take Mason off, there will be multiple blowouts.

I am just blown away by what he is doing.

You took the words right out of my mouth Scottie we should have won this game by 15 points. You can’t miss point blank shots there’s absolutely no excuse whatsoever for that

I wish Jaylen Harris could contribute.

Pretty amazing that this team has even been in that position.

I knew it was bad, didn’t know it was that bad!

Two things that stood out to me:
(1) Mason almost always brought the ball up. Harris does one time, turnover.
(2) We did a good job of taking the ball to the hole and getting a foul call. I was surprised/not surprised we didn’t do that on the last possession. Likely, there would not be a foul call (just like the possible pushoff by MSU on the winning tip-in; Harris went flying) but I’d like to challenge the refs to have to make that call.

Several swings in how the game was officiated. Several times there were phantom calls, fouls so suspect I wonder if there was contact. At others, players go flying and nothing is called (presumably because there was no advantage gained?).

Officiating is tough, but the SEC has been subpar this year. We’ve won because of it, but we’ve also lost because of it.

Not really-this team came into the season with a lot of SEC playing experience, we might have a size problem but coach figured out how to overcome it. As Mason said in his presser they have the talent they just have to execute and finish. I don’t see any reason why we should lose at home the rest of the year-with IJ or not!

He puts his fingerprints on games sometimes it just not good! Yesterday was just another example. Harris should have just took the shot. It reminded of the the illegal screen play where Mason was trailing and Harris drive straight into the lane and dribble the ball back between his legs Mason makes the 3 but it gets taken away.
Why not go to the wing and turn and look and make the pass.
The simple play isn’t the one the hogs make!

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