6-6 or worse you gotta pull the plug

If not , How are we going to recruit next with lame duck coach?

He’s blown so many leads I’ve lost count

We know what we have now-/ pull the plug

After a loss at home to NM State with about 40K on hand it’s gonna get bad.

While I don’t think we lose to NMS, if we do, his fate his sealed. They won’t pull the trigger until the end of the year (I never get what firing someone in mid season is supposed to accomplish).

I personally think if we win 5 or more BB stays.

That sounds like wishful thinking. I love our “fans”.

I don’t know how CBB feels personally but I’m sure from a personal pride standpoint his lack of success has to be embarrassing to him and gnawing at him.

IMO, I also believe there is zero, say again zero, heat being put on him by his bosses. So I think it is almost a certainty he will be back next year.

Don’t see that happening, but if it does Paul Rhodes will be the interim coach. Long and powers that be won’t abide losing at home to a team that ASU throttles with regularity.

I do see talent improving! The problem is they are freshmen and sophomores! I also would like coach B to have a team without an Allen.

That definitely sounds like wishful thinking from Hog33GT above. We should win. We are 16.5 point favorites.

The fact is NM St. has their best team in forever. That’s our luck.

They lost by 6 at Az St. Ranked Oregon just lost by 2 at Az St. NMSU is averaging 31.5 ppg.

So, it’s not the same team Ark St. throttles with regularity.

Regardlesss, we should find a way to get off the mat and beat them.

But, they’ve put up a lot of points on everyone and likely will on us. That’s neither unexpected or embarrassing when you look at what they’ve actually done this year and not the last 10 years.

Bottom line - it’s a Sun Belt level team. A loss in year 5 would be an inexcusable, fireable offense. Especially coupled with the full body of work.

Do you disagree with that?

Anything is a fireable offense unless it’s discriminatory.

Losing to them would undoubtedly be the end for Bielema for all practical purposes.

I was just pointing out that the near giddiness in this thread with people barely veiling their hope for a loss and jumping out therw to point out the awfulness of NMSU and invoking Arkansas State is a bit disingenuous.

We should beat NMSU. They’re Sun Belt. We are SEC. We are favored by 16.5. But, I’m just not gonna get all hot and bothered and giddy with excitement before the game about the possibility of a fate-sealing loss and bang the embarrassment drum.

It’s just not a look I’m going for as a Hog fan. Those people pining for it and preemptively wailing and gnashing their teeth can go ahead. I’m not going to stoop to that level of coach hating. The Players put too much into it for me to stab them in the back because I might be of the belief the HC isn’t going to be able to get it done.

I don’t think they will lose to NMSU… I watched them get best by ASU last year and they had much less speed on the field than the Red Wolves. No way it happens IMO

  1. our team seems to have improved A LOT in the past 2 weeks.
  2. Our opponents (MIss state, LSU, sourth Carolina, mizzoui) look more beatable than last week
  3. I see us going 4-4 or 3-5 in SEC play, so 7-5 or 6-6 overall, then a bowl where we beat some loser, and we all see next year as the “make or break year” .
  4. we seem perpetually stuck in “coaching purgatory” in FB andBB, where we are not thrilled with our W/L record, but not so bad to change coaches. very frustrating.


Liberty Bowl Awesome!..

It is NOT going to happen – not until that buyout falls below 7 million – and we have to wait 3 more seasons for that.

And it would be a terrible business decision for Arkansas to pay a Coach $15 million to fire him.

I’m not at all happy with the state of Arkansas football, and I think much of the blame lies with coaching.

Firing and replacing a Coach is often times highly overrated. It usually sets a program back into yet another re-building and adjustment process.

Bielema will get the train righted, and with the buyouts he is going to have the time he needs to build for the long-term. That’s not going to make an angry fan base happy – winning is the only solution for that.

But in watching the Razorbacks for about 50 years, there is one problem – when the fan base turns on a Coach, they never come back around – no matter how much the Coach wins. If he has a 10 win season next season or the one after, the fans who have turned will scream loudly about the 2 losses as if the 10 wins did not happen. Hog nation will be divided once again.

Many – including myself – predicted this when the UA decided to go down the road of integrity and run off the winningest Coach since Holtz in the late 70s. Losses are still losses – there are no integrity passes that turn those into Ws. I’m not excusing what happened with the former Coach. But the disciplinary action with a salary reduction – which BP would have accepted – sounds like a better idea as I look back. BP was not nice and was an egomaniac down in the Broyles complex…I do wonder, was it ego on behalf of AD Long that he was not going to let his chance to get rid of BP slip away, taking any sort of disciplinary action off the table.

As I continue to state, pulling the plug if nceccessary will be done if someone or someones steps up and writes that buyout check, which is $15 until Dec. 31 and then goes down to 11.7 on Jan. 1

There is pressure to win. Even if you don’t like Jeff Long, he is just Coach Bielema’s immediate boss and he works for others.

Arkansas has no choice but to fire BP. It was done because of his actions, not the final one.

It will always be BP’s fault, no matter how people try to spin it.