~6 2020 Diamond gange spots left

Roughly 6 spots left, what positions do we finish out our numbers with?

Should be more than 6

More like 10 or 11 spots left to fill.

I would bet they get to 25 before all is said and done.

Technically we can sign 27, correct? Assuming there’s cap space under the 85, lol.

We’re not sure what he has done with the summer additions as far as scholarships, walk ons, etc.

Will be asking him Monday when we get a chance to talk to him.

Regardless, what positions do you think we try to fill those spots with?

I guess my point was, if you count Smith and Jones as 2019 recruits, then you don’t in 2020, thus 27 guys. It’s 25+2 either way, I think.

Would not be surprising. The numbers went up as last season progressed.

I’ve never put much weight on what a coach has to say about numbers until later in the season and near signing day.

I think Sam Loy may have been promise a scholarship if he earns one by winning the punting and kickoff job. he would count against the 2019 class if this happen.