584 new cases at Fayetteville in the past week

Hoping for the best as far as keeping the team away from the rest of the student body. Gonna be tough.

Let’s hope and pray the spread slows down.

Damn, Bama beats us again, I think they had over 1200 their first two weeks!

More power to them! It will be nice when this is over.

Ours is in last 7 days so we are on a similar trajectory! Covid wise…not wins.

AL.com reported today that since Aug 19 (classes first started) a total of 1,899 Bama students have been infected. From Aug 28 thru Sep 3 an average of 120.9 per day have tested positive, or 846 in that period. I’m not sure if they were infected by the “disease” or by the “virus”, but they were infected. One could call AL.com to ascertain which if this fact is important to that One.


I would assume “infected” means they actually have Covid symptoms of some stage. Or maybe they are just lumping all cases together with the a symptomatic positive cases as well.

I believe that it was expected that when students got to campus cases would increase for all of the obvious reasons.
The good news is that treatments have advanced to reduce length of illness and mortality rates along with optimism that several drug companies are in final phases of vaccine clinical trials which if successful could provide the initial vaccines to the most at risk and vulnerable people by November.
I think we can all agree that would be wonderful.

I’d be pretty certain it’s a lot more than that - plenty getting sick and not being tested.

Anyone know how many students:
A. Just got sick?
B. Have been hospitalized?
C. Have died?

If B and C are zero, what the hell is this pandemic really all about?

My son the Aggie trumpeteer, got it. Had symptoms for one day, then went into quarantine. I think this is pretty much the norm for college students.

This pandemic is about 187,000 dead people in the US and who knows how many more with permanent after effects like heart and lungs damage. By the end of the month it will be equivalent to killing off the entire city of Little Rock.


And less than 6 percent were caused by the virus alone. The rest of the deceased had underlying conditions.

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To be fair, the CDC and states are counting anyone who had the virus when they died as being killed by the virus, including people who were already dying of a wide variety of other things. Some states are also included suspected deaths which were never confirmed by testing, which of course would tell you if some other malady which kills in much the same way was responsible.

Most everyone was expecting a big bump of confirmed infections when college students returned to campus, and when younger people went back to primary and secondary school. The question is whether those infections are going to lead to a big increase in hospitalizations(which are going down substantially in most states) and deaths. We won’t know the answer to that one for a few weeks.


Isn’t this a political position with highly debatable extrapolations being arranged in what amounts to propaganda. This story is still being written with ever changing vertical and
horizontal elements with some changed, some deleted, some added. With so many hypotheticals and assumptions it’s as complicated as economics. KNOWLEDGE is
still missing and CONCLUSIONS are mere opinions.


If I have a serious illness and get hit by a freight train and killed, what do you suppose would be listed as cause of death?



How many with underlying conditions were facing the prospect of imminent death absent contracting the virus?


The problem is that huge numbers of people have some sort underlying condition. Yeah, if someone has terminal cancer with 6 months to live, catching the virus speeding up death by 5 months is a “cause” but not much concern. However, underlying conditions include being over 60, having high blood pressure, being obese, & having diabetes. That is a whole lot of Americans. If they get the virus & die, it only makes sense to list the virus as the cause—or at least a primary cause.

Lots of deaths are some combination of diseases. It’s just that this one is worse with its consequences, and many of those consequences are significant health problems with survivors. Most people, especially young healthy ones, will survive without longterm effects, but it has still increased the death rate by some 187k over the past 6 months. It is likely to spike again this fall.

The number coronavirus cases leading to COVID-19 deaths in the United States has likely been skewed upward for obvious reasons.
The number of hospitalizations and deaths have declined considerably with multiple treatments which have led to shorter hospital stays and less time for patients feeling sick.
In the mean time we have great optimism on the vaccine front.
So, the moral of the story is that the sky is not falling and the sun will rise again tomorrow.
Take care of yourself and those you are in close contact with and keep a positive outlook on life. We are fortunate to live in the greatest nation on earth!


This virus will be defeated and it will fade from its current headlining ability.
Our free country can fade away also.
It’s strange that when I was in college during the mid sixties the bellowing of the crowd
was “FREE SPEECH”. Where are those people today and are they still for free speech?
Personally I want to see people living free and going to college and getting excited about new friends and football games. Now ain’t that a Radical idea.


dFarris, who gets to skew those numbers? we report who is in our hospital only at Vandy. What treatment do you know and have that leads to such optimism? 6 and 7 years old are dying and we have young folks who have died and I guarandamntee that our ICU system at Vandy is at the forefront for treatment and care. I’m sure that there are political gains and much hay to be made, but dedication of resources sucked in the beginning. NY hospital and medical system was as close to overwhelmed collapse as is conceivable. I personally knew 2 doctors who died. Take this thing for real. Football is getting cancelled and some schools are having to go into retreat from the open return to “norm”. It ain’t over til it is over. I have had to take care of more than I want who have Covid and have done something to require them to be in the OR, so I have lots of awareness and have to understand what systems are under attack by SARS-Covid 2. Screw politics and focus on doing the right thing to defeat the disease, it is real and still causing havoc no matter who will be in office.