58 years ago tonight...biggest win in Arkansas Football history

I remember listening to the game in the living room with my dad. I do believe that was the happiest I ever saw him after the game. And I was pretty excited too.


Wiz - I remember my Dad’s response like it was yesterday. “that will teach the %#€}#*+?#%s to kick to him”.


We went outside - at my grandmother’s urging - and honked horns.


I was at a Tech-Teachers game. That ages me quite a bit. Evidently, there were a lot of people in the stands with transistor radios. The place went wild when the punt return happened.

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That night is up there with one of my all time highs in my life. One of the reasons I am on here today

I know for younger folks don’t understand how big that was or what it meant to all of us


Hey Red, I too was at that Teachers/Tech game and was one of the guys with a transistor radio. I was dating a cheerleader and she was not happy that I was listening to the Arkansas game and not rooting for the bears. That may have been the first time I said to her it is what it is. Needless to say the rest of the night was unproductive. And so it goes.

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Tech/Teachers was quite the rivalry in its own right back then and it often fell on the same day as AR/TX. I drove from Fayetteville from an afternoon game to Russellville for a night game several times

Y’all gonna have to explain who Teachers is to the youngsters on this board. I’m old and know! :sunglasses::+1:

That reminds me of another reaction from that game that became part of our family lore.

My dad worked at White Sands Missile Range in New Mexico, about 45 miles from El Paso, where i grew up. His position included the hiring of several engineers, and one such hire was a fellow from Arkansas named “Buddy”. His bride was also from the Land of Opportunity, and my parents became friends with them. I remember several times before I really knew much about “real” football (other than the sandlot variety I and the other boys in the neighborhood played), that Buddy and Bobbie would come over and listen to a game on the radio with my parents while I played Army or whatever with their son Freddie.

Somehow, Buddy got a pair of tickets to the big game in Austin that year, and he and Bobbie went to the game. We didn’t see them afterward until they came over for the Aggie game a couple of weeks later. I remember Dad being keen to discuss their trip and the game with Buddy. When we saw their car wheel around the corner, we went outside to greet them. Buddy got out with the biggest Cheshire cat grin, and walked up to Dad, stuck out his hand to shake and said “I hear they went for two”, and every one erupted with laughter. It was a great moment, relived countless times in our household in ensuing years.

That’s what wins like that do to a fan base. It gives them a legacy.


Dang. Didn’t even get a kiss out of the deal.

I went to Teachers. Except it was State College of Arkansas when I got there. They changed names to University of Central Arkansas after my junior year.

My letter jacket (for golf) just has a purple A. They were not sure what the name would be when they ordered jackets. I did not even know there were going to be jackets.

After that game we recorded five consecutive shutouts to end the regular season; then gave up one TD to Nebraska in our 10-7 Cotton Bowl victory.

I was a 6 year old kid listening to the game with my parents in Helena that night. That was our hometown All American who returned that punt right into immortality. I knew from my parent’s reaction to that return and that win, that this was something huge. I just didn’t fully appreciate the magnitude of it until I was a little older.

I went there for a few years, pretty close to the same time I guesstimate. I remember the old AIC very well.

I was at that game and they had us sitting in the endzone and Kenny ran straight toward us on his return, and Crockett caught the TD pass in the same endzone. my buddy and I did not need a car to get back to Houston the next day.

I was one ecstatic very happy 7 yr. old boy at the time. We were living in Alabama and it was a pretty
cold day like maybe 20 degrees outside and after the game I went outdoors punting my football
for several hours with no coat on. That must’ve been my first taste of being pumped with adrenaline
because I sure was!

I signed with UCA in 1977. I think that was 1 year after changing from SCA.
Home town boy recruited me-Johnny Outlaw, RIP.

You must have been pumped up because that was a night game and didn’t end until after 9 PM.

Perhaps you’re thinking of the 1965 game, which was played in the afternoon?? Another HUGE Arkansas win, and that one was on TV.

Correct 1964 in Austin was night. No TV.

The 1965 game in Fayetteville - full of big momentum switches - was an afternoon game on TV. I almost typed “national” TV. But that’s all there was then. Very few games on TV.

I remember listening to the game while working at a “little” gas station in a “little” town. After the game, I think everyone in the town was driving around honking their horns. A real special time. According to an article written by the great OH, my brother was the mystery blocker for Hatfield. I think it was Tommy Nobis that he blocked.

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