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You do realize you just described yourself in this post right? I just asked why are you on a Hog Fan Message board bashing the hog coaches. There was no insults or any talk about being a tough guy in my post. I asked a simple question. And I’m not the first to say this to you either, I’ve seen others ask you the same thing in the past. I know a guy asked you that in the recruiting thread when you were complaining about Jerry Jones grandson being a hog.

And FYI you’re the one arguing with everyone in the football and basketball forum acting like a tough guy and getting emotional and sensitive about everything. I didn’t start a thread asking for people not to pick on me, like you did. I’ve only had problems with one other poster on this board, and I’ve officially put him on my do not respond list. If I start regularly getting people to tell me to go away and asking me why I’m here like you, then I’ll re-evaluate myself and look in the mirror.

I never asked for any to stop picking on me…there is no boo hoos coming from me.

All I said is that we are all fans and we all have our right to an opinion, and the media members are open to more opinions than normal as it comes with their job. You and others that don’t like what I post get off on insulting people. I state a clear and objective opinion about our team and coaches. If you do not like it you do not have to read or respond. But you can’t help yourself. You’ll be damned if someone will come on here and say something negative.

But it just doesn’t work like that. I don’t attack someone for their opinion. If I differ, so be it.

First off dude, I’ve said something to you like 2 or 3 times, I don’t even remember seeing you post in the basketball forum until after we lost to Butler, I just know you from getting into it with people in the football forum.

Next, all I did was ask you a question. There wasn’t any insults in my post. You may need to take some advice from yourself in that please don’t pick on me for bashing the coach thread you made and stop being a “snowflake” as you put it.

Anyways, carry on, you answered the question I had.

Tell you what Elmo, if you bring over an elite proven Tier 1 elitel coach like K, Self, Calipari or Roy Williams to Arkansas who can immediately transform us by attracting top talent in a couple of years, I will join you in asking Mike to be dismissed immediately. Until you do that I am not taking chances with coaches that end up in EE or FF through luck of the draw or team getting hot like Weber, Beard, Moser, etc. You bring up consistency. Until you bring a coach who has consistently took a team to the highest level. I am not taking any risk.

Until you do that, I am sticking with a proven Tier 2 coach who has got the program healthy and stable again on the court and academically. I am willing to be patient to have that coach to take us to the next level as talent level is gradually getting better and better. I know the current coach has proven he can beat big time programs and advance deep into NCAAT. He has already proven he can do that in tournament play in the SECT.

I am not going to look at just one season and 10 double digit losses as you keep bringing up, but I am going look at the body of work of this coach over the last 16 years and the current trend. Both are positive.

Arkansas of early 1990s does not exist anymore. Thise banners will not draw out of state McAAs to Arkansas. We have to do it with homegrown talent first and then out of state talent will come.

Lastly, I wish you would debate what the OP is about in each thread instead of introducing the topic to fire Mike into every thread. Like you did in this thread.

Man, what is you’re deal?

That post was kinda pointed at you and the war you want to push with others. I have yet to go on an attack and tell anyone that they have posted was wrong. I don’t make it personal with someone. I may have a difference of opinion, or say what I feel, but I don’t bash somebody for it. That’s what people like you do. Telling people to shut up, go away, or insult their thoughts and opinion is something that I have NEVER done.

Apparently, You just can’t deal with someone not liking the performance of our teams and coaches. That’s cool. But if that’s how I feel, who do you some of you people think you are to say it’s wrong?

You just keep promoting this narrative that if I or someone else have something bad to say that we should zip it. Sorry, it’s not happening.

I never say “fire MA” in every post. Doesn’t happen. He and the teams have underachieved in almost all 7 years. He was brought in here to win and win consistently. THAT INCLUDES the postseason. That includes recruiting. That’s what he told everyone was gonna happen.

And we had the chance to bring Bill Self here. He practically begged for the job. But we hired that idiot Altman instead. Then he bolted. Then we took a chance on 2 coaches that didn’t cut it.

If MA would have shown ability to do the things with this team, this year, and not lose in the fashion he did, I would have a totally different opinion. But it didn’t happen.

I’m really tired of the war of words with some of you guys. If you don’t like what I post, don’t read it.

I wanted Self myself. That was a major screw-up on our part. I was really distressed when they refused to hire him. He was one of the proven elite coach I was referring to.

Elmo, that’s kind of a two way street. You don’t want people who disagree with you to respond to your posts, don’t respond to theirs. Not saying that to “attack” you, but I’ve noticed a few people on both sides of the “Mike” argument like to say that when someone disagrees with their opinion. That’s JMO

I would have loved to had Self, but…

I don’t disagree that we should have hired Self when we had the chance. But would he still be here? I doubt it. If he did well, somebody else (possibly even Kansas) would have scooped him up, and if he didn’t do well, he’d be in the same position as Stan Heath and John Pelphrey – guys who couldn’t feed Nolan’s monster. Stan is a head coach in the G League now, by the way, and Pel is an assistant to Avery Johnson at Bummer.

The only player in the rotation that Weber recruited on his FF team at Illinois averaged 2.6 points. Self left him Deron Williams, Dee Brown, Luther Head, James Augustine, etc. Likewise, when you are an 8-seed and get to play UMBC in the second round, you’ve had some massive good luck. The last time we were an 8-seed we got to play the eventual NC in the second round. Weber is a quality coach, but he has walked into some fortuitous situations in his career.

I was thinking he took Illinois to FF with players left behind by Self.

For whatever reason, for some it us all about coaches and very little about players.
Any good coach without an ego will tell you that without the right players it is hard to be successful. For example, Arkansas was recruiting Zaire Smith. He ended up at Texas Tech. Imagine what this Arkansas team could be with Zaire.