58 points

with all that talent. Cal should be ashamed. Love it though. Hilarious

I can’t stand Kentucky Basketball they think that they are gods. Calipari is a complete sleezbag and does just enough not to be caught cheating!

You can’t take anything away from K-State. Bruce Weber is a great coach. Someone on here thought I was crazy to mention him, but even with the refs and all their good players in foul trouble and hurt, they still won.

When we played them, we got blown out. See what happens when you can play half court offense and defense???

Yes, you lose with 58 points. KY should have smoke those guys easy. Cal coaches to much.

This great coach and his half court defense somehow managed to lose 11 games so far and get blown out by 38 by uptempo West Virginia and by 16 by Kansas.

He’s got his team going to the EE…and a good chance to go to the Final Four. And they were all in foul trouble, and their best player was hurt. Looks ok to me.

Where has MA got his team going? Oh, I forgot. They’re at home watching after getting blown out by Butler and their first year coach.

MA has already been to EE. It is already part of his resume. Your great coach just got there.

He’s been there before too. Look it up, smart guy.

https://www.google.com/amp/s/www.cbsspo … -jobs/amp/


team logo\tKansas St.
Coach: Bruce Weber
This is the only job that even barely qualifies for so-called hot-seat status in the best conference in college basketball. Plus, Weber just signed a contract extension last August. His buyout is .5 million – though it drops to 0,000 on April 30, 2019. Kansas State is 16-7 but still in need of a couple victories over NCAA Tournament teams in order to lock up its at-large status. Bottom line: If Weber gets the Wildcats to the NCAAs, it will be his fourth trip in six seasons there, and obviously he will not be fired. K-State fans are shooting their eyes elsewhere for Weber’s replacement, but they’re likely to wait at least another season. It’s a stretch to even put him on this list to begin with, but in the spirit of looking for at least one candidate from each league, here we are.

Weber is a decent coach. Resume is similar to MAs. And, like MA, he’s very under appreciated.

The fans at Illinois hated him and before this week he was pretty unpopular at KSU.

He’s taken 2 teams to the EE now. And if he goes to the FF, thats 2 teams there too.

MA hasn’t done that. I am only making a comparison. Plus, he’s at Kansas State. It’s not like they have this amazing basketball tradition. But we do, the banners are hanging in BWA. So if he can do that at KSU, or the rise of Butler, VCU, Wichita St, etc, why aren’t we at least close to that in Fayetteville?

Again, I just look at success in the postseason, and I see schools that you would think shouldn’t even be there. Then you look at the Hogs post season, not being consistently ranked, respected, and considered a power. How can you not shake your head about it? It’s tough to take.

So, you just look at the postseason. So, therefore comparing Frank Martin to Mike Anderson, you’d pick Martin who has 4 tournament wins compared to Mike’s 2 (only using SC and AR). The FACT that Martin only has one trip to the NCAAT and Mike has 3 doesn’t matter.

I posted this on another thread, but:

When I asked about what the issues was with CMA, the responses I got were:

Not winning enough: He has won 151 games in 7 years (Weber has 125 in 6, Mike has 133 in those same 6)

Not making the dance enough: 3 times in 7 years

Not winning enough in the dance: 2 wins

Recruiting sucks: His class avg is 43rd. If you take out the Kapita class, where we were ranked in the Top 50 and then Kapita was ineligible, he moves up to 36th. Out of 351 teams 43rd puts him in the Top 12% (36th moves him up to Top 10%).

So, I actually took a day off from posting and went team by team, though all 351 teams looking for coaches who beat Mike in all 4 categories. These are the names:

( Mike Anderson 151 wins 7-3-2 Top 12% recruiting $2.55 million)

  1. Coach K 199 wins 7-7-13 Top 2% recruiting $9 million
  2. Roy Williams 199 wins 7-7-20 Top 6% recruiting $2.18 million
  3. Jim Larranaga 161 wins 7-4-4 Top 12% recruiting $1.56 million
  4. Mike Brey 165 wins 7-5-9 Top 12% recruiting $2.377 million
  5. Bill Self 208 wins 7-7-17 Top 3% recruiting $5 million
  6. Scott Drew 175 wins 7-5-7 Top 12% recruiting $2.8 million
  7. Jay Wright 194 wins 7-6-12 Top 9% recruiting $2.585 million
  8. Tom Izzo 191 wins 7-7-10 Top 9% recruiting $4.38 million
  9. Matt Painter 157 wins 7-5-5 Top 12% recruiting $2.3 million
  10. John Beilein 184 wins 7-6-12 Top 10% recruiting $3.38 million
  11. Mark Turgeon 157 wins 7-3-3 Top 8% recruiting $2.7 million
  12. John Calipari 213 wins 7-6-24 Top 1% recruiting $8 million
  13. Sean Miller 203 wins 7-6-10 Top 1% recruiting $4.1 million
  14. Steve Alford 174 wins 7-6-7 Top 3% recruiting* $2.6 million
  15. Dana Altman 203 wins 7-5-8 Top 6% recruiting $2.7 million

There were three more that didn’t coach this year that were ahead of Mike:

Bo Ryan
Rick Pitino
Tom Crean

Now, I put this on here, because the fact is Mike rates 16th (19) as an overall coach during that time. If you take out the Kapita year, he moves up to 12th (15). It is hard to bash the guy when you look at everything.

Now, if you just look at post season wins, you have guys like Frank Martin, who got lucky (to make the dance) and went on a run. Or do you look at postseason appearances, or both (if you look at the SEC, Mike is third in the both categories). You’re calling us a second rate SEC program, I have to differ, the facts say the opposite.

If you are upset over the 0 and done in this year’s tournament, I agree, most of us are upset. This was a very favorable draw, and we blew it. I do blame Mike, kids didn’t seem motivated and came out without a sense of urgency (that’s on the coach), but we also had 7 SR’s, who were very flat and showed little urgency (they share the blame, SR’s should know better and help motivate the lower classmen).

If you are upset over the double digit losses you mentioned, K St had six (plus 2 more at 9). Everyone has those types of games. Sometimes, you just get lucky at the right time, that’s what K St is doing right now. They would lose to KY 9 out of 10 times. Last night was the 1.

Anyway, this is why I disagree with you about Mike.


All those stats are interesting. I get what you’re trying to say.

But the bottom line is all the regular season wins, which are a bit inflated, is misleading. 10 double digit losses in a season is not good. The SEC was a bit stronger this season, but to lose in the fashion we did is all on the coaches. Players win and coaches lose games.

Everyone needs a little luck in the postseason. And, I have only used Bruce Weber as an example of coaches out there that could do well at our program, if we made a change. I am a big fan of Mark Few at Gonzaga. But they lost yesterday. Doesn’t make him a bad coach. Gonzaga has been built by him into a great program.

Frank Martin is a jerk to me. I have never liked the guy. The whole tough guy image he puts on is so off putting. But the thing is this…his resume has a FF on it. Can’t take that away.

Comparing double digit losses from other teams is fine. My point is that it’s not supposed to be happening at Arkansas. That’s what MA was hired for. To get us back in the national conversation. He has not. He’s respected, but in 7 years he’s not done what a whole lot of people think is the standard we got used to. After 7 seasons, and to not show up ready to go like what happened in the tourney this year, it is a bad look.

Bottom line is this. We can make all these posts and point out pros and cons. But we aren’t where we should be overall. We had another great chance this season and MA didn’t get it done.

A great win tonight for Good over longtime rival Evil.

I’m not sure Mark Few would come here. But that’s one of the coaches that absolutely dominated Mike in 3 of the 4 categories. The only one Mike dominated him in was recruiting, which makes what Few (and Gregg Marshall) are doing even more impressive.

Now, I’m not a Mike “lover”, “apologist”, or any other name that has been brought up. I’ve met Mike, several times and personally I don’t like him. He is too nice. That might sound funny to some, but he’s nice to the point, it seems like he is hiding something. Now, Dudley has known him a very long time, and says Mike is just that nice, so I’ll accept that. But, I said when he was hired, he was a good coach, but I didn’t think he’d get us to where I wanted us to be (90-96). That is in the conversation every year. That’s where I want all our programs. You hear our name mentioned in both men and women’s track, and you hear it in baseball. Right before Petrino wrecked, Herbstreit mentioned it in football.

The issue is, getting the right coach, the right players, the right officials, the right style, and the right breaks at the same time. As good as 90-96 was, we only won one NC. Now, when people talk about basketball and how easy it is to fix the issues, I disagree. I’ll use CMA as the example. He has been here seven years, but let’s look closer. The first year he was here (11-12), he didn’t recruit a single player to this team, so he had none of his players. Our best returning player (Clarke) decided to transfer, and our 2nd best returning player (Powell) was injured after the third game (season ending), plus we had lost a scholarship for that year. So, that first year, he had a lot of things against him. Can’t really blame him for the first year. Now his 2nd year, he went out and got three kids and a transfer. The transfer sat out a year. So, in his first two years here, Mike had a total of three players take the court that was recruited for his style. The following year, he had a total of 7. That year we won 22. We went to the NIT, but as I have stated previously that is the only time in our history (since the field expanded to 24 teams, it’s now at 68) that we won 20 and didn’t make the Big Dance. Since Mike has had “his” players we have won 22, 27, 16, 26, and 23. That’s impressive run. That averages 22.8 wins a season. You can’t make a run in the tournament if you aren’t in the tournament. It’s very similar results at both UAB and Missery. Now, I’ve said that for this, a lot of people don’t like our young team next year, I do. Looking at the roster, we have something several, including yourself, have complained about (I have as well). We have a longer, more athletic, more ball handlers, more post presence, better shooters, than we’ve had since Mike has been here. I think all these guys are three/four year guys. Mike will be entering his 8th year, if by year 10 we are having the same issues, most on here will probably be on your bandwagon, but if these guys become as good as I expect, and we add the “new Triplets” to go with them, I think we will be where you and I want us to return.

Comments: interesting perspective, I’m not sure if I would label him as a great coach after all it’s my understanding prior to his recent post season success, Bruce was on shaky ground with the KSU fan base and administration, it’s amazing how winning cures all ills. Now he a has nice salary increase coming from either his current employer or another school. Funny you chosen to give Bruce all the credit when it was the players making the plays regardless who he sent in, it appears to me these kids wanted it more than the other team.

If you look at Weber at K State, his NCAAT appearances go like this:

Round of 64
Round of 64
Round of 64 (play in game)

So he had been to three tournaments with one win, and you’re correct, they wanted him fired and he was on the hot seat. Last night he mad the EE, now they (KSU fanbase) has a very different opinion of him, and he will probably get a raise.

Why are you even on a Hog Fan message board? I’ve never heard you say anything positive about the Hogs in basketball or football, I actually defended you one time in the football forum because people were complaining about you over there and jumping all over you, and I felt bad for you, I was wondering why they were all picking on you, and now I see why. You literally go out of your way to try to discredit any and everything our hog coaches do and lift up other coaches at rival programs. Dude, this a pro Razorback forum. Nobody wants to hear all that negative crap about our coaches. If you want to brag on K-State’s coach they have a message board you can go to and talk about him over there.

Where’s the applause icon? Thank you, blu

Get over yourself man…you obviously can’t stand the fact that someone has something negative to say. I’m sorry you are so sensitive. If the team would have played well, and not been embarrassing, I’d be applauding them just as much. But guess what? They didn’t. You can run your mouth to me all you want. Big man behind the keyboard…geez…

Rival program? Since when was KSU a rival program? I never lobbied anything from K-State. I just said that BW could be a good coach at Hogs. I compared his post season record success compared to MA’s. That’s it!!!

You’re just throwing around insults and acting like you represent everyone. But you don’t. You argue with so many people on here.

Picking on me? Whatever…I don’t feel that way at all. And if you want to talk about the football program, I think you know how I feel about CM being our coach.

We can and should be doing better.