When was the last time a team got beat by 50 plus points to rebound during the same season to beat a Top 10 team?
Naturally I would like the Hogs to win… however, that Auburn ass kicking purged me of all of my pre-season kool-aid. Nobody can honestly spin a 56-3 ass kicking.
I hope the Hogs can recover. It would be an amazing feat.

Ironically, Arkansas came close to doing it after the USC loss in '05; lost to No. 4 Georgia 23-20 and No. 3 LSU 19-17. Georgia and LSU wound up playing in the SEC Championship Game that year.

No one, that I’ve seen, has tried to spin the Auburn game, but I do think there are a lot of us who think it was an aberration given the other results. And I think there are many more who wonder if Florida is a legitimate top 10 team given its schedule. I wouldn’t be surprised to see the Razorbacks win Saturday.

I felt very nervous bout the Albarn game, just a terrible match up all the way around. Not that I thought 56-3, I was thinking more like 49-30.

But I think florida is not as good as auburn. and their schedule has been pretty bland. And their offense SHOULD be the easiest for us to defend since Alcorn.

and most importantly, young men don’t like to be embarrassed and humiliated. our players probably spent a couple days with their head down and felt sorry for themselves, and then got to work, and by now they should be PISSED.

I really expect our best effort of the year. I expect a great game. 28-24 Hogs!!!


The Auburn game was an aberration. Just like Florida State losing earlier this season to Louisville 63-20. I don’t hear anybody saying Florida State’s program is in a downward spiral or anything like that. In fact, Florida State had a real shot to beat No. 2 Clemson last Saturday if not for some questionable officiating. If Florida State and Louisville played today on a neutral field I believe that the point spread would be less than a touchdown.

I never understand why “fans” always feel the need to make a “program evaluation” after every single game. I have an idea. Why don’t we wait until the end of the season to do that. Who knows what will happen in these last 4 games. Arkansas may win them all, lose them all, or something in between. But I am not going to be “down” on the program because of one game, especially if the record ends up being 9-3 or 8-4.

One last thing. I hear references from people on this board and in other places to Texas A&M “blowing out” Arkansas. Well, technically that may be true because the final score ended up being 45-24. But Arkansas was ahead statistically at halftime and should have taken a touchdown lead late in the 3rd quarter but couldn’t punch it in from the one foot line. Yes, A&M dominated the 4th quarter but the final score was not a true reflection of that game. I prefer to keep these things in perspective.