56-3 on national TV

Through Sun shine and rain we all love this program.

Issue imo is not a current coaching personality or coaching scheme.

We have a coach that won three big 10 titles.

So what is it?

If needing more top talent what is the plan to overcome recruiting disadvantages?

What are expectations of program?

Are those expectations acceptable?

This is not a time for calling out fans who don’t like to lose by 50.

This is about finding solutions and asking hard questions.

When you lose by half a hundred and still find positives maybe that is one of our problems.

20 plus years in SEC.

Please allow fans to question and please allow for any new thinking without calling fans disloyal for asking.

This is not our first year In the SEC.

This is not a first year coach.

This is not a first year AD or first year BOD.

If part of the answer is needing more talent than lets admit it and solve it.

We lost by half a hundred on national TV.

I hope that isn’t acceptable to anyone.

Time for hard q and a, and imo, where ever that leads.

Let’s have some the courage to have the discussion and not belittle fans who ask hard questions.

All love this program.

If we have deficiencies that lead to losing by half a hundred on national TV, what is the plan to have a successful top tier program?

Good post, wish I knew where to start but it was embarrassing and it did take us back to some bad memories.

34-30 on national TV last week against a higher ranked team. At home vs. on the road. Welcome to the SEC West.