52-23 at half

And Macon has a goose egg. A bagel. A donut. Zip-zero-zilch. Nice when you can lead by 29 and get nothing from your #2 scorer.

However, he’s had a couple of these lately. Need him to get going before EOE-K gets to town next week.

Rest of the team looks great. ORU can’t handle our D. Kikko mentioned that ORU has only one good ballhandler and those kinds of teams are more vulnerable to pressure. And we made them cough it up 16 times including 7 steals, resulting in 25 points off turnovers. Shooting 63% ain’t bad either.

Have they announced the attendance, looks more than what I would expect for a weekend game close to holiday.

Not yet. Hadn’t really looked at the crowd but they are making decent amounts of noise. Of course Gafford has multiple dunks and we’re hitting lots of threes, so that helps energize the crowd.

True, more dunks over 7 sec teams says a lot.

It does look like a pretty good crowd in the lower bowl, although I suspect the Trough is not very full.

Actual attendance listed at 9459.

That Sutton kid for ORU looks exactly like his dad. Who I saw running around Barnhill for years and years.

Thank ya sir.

Macon could not miss on Saturday in North Little Rock. Nothing but net.