50 wins

That’s a rare and significant accomplishment. Is that the school record for wins in a season? Didn’t know if we had ever reached that mark.

‘87 team went 51-15. School record for wins.

Tie it tomorrow and add 6 more at the CWS. :+1::coffee::sunglasses:


We won 51 in 1985, 1987 and 1989.

I sure thought we were good in 79, but I guess that was really a different era.

Finished 49-15 in '79. That 50th win would have gotten a natty. It’s gonna take 56 or 57 to get us the natty this time.

The 1985, 1987, and 1989 teams all made it to Omaha. If this team gets 51 wins, they’ll be able to claim the same.

I’d prefer 5 more at the CWS. Finishing 56-11 sounds really nice!


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Not for long they’re not. You can flag spam like that; I just did.

If we run the table today and in Omaha, we’ll have 56 wins. The only way we can get to 57 is if we have to come out of the loser’s bracket in pool play. Which I would rather not do. Molester State did it in '18 after losing their first game to North Carolina.

We also had at least 2 games canceled which (most likely) wins.

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