50 best available transfers/recruits

From The Athletic.

Marreon Jackson is #12
Xavier Pinson is #15
Jayden Gardner of ECU is #23
Myreon Jones is #29
Chris Lykes is #32
Stanley Umude is #36
Marvin Johnson is #48

Toney was #44 on their last list before he committed to us; committing removes him from the available list.

Couple of other names here that have been mentioned on our board in the last week or two.

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I wouldn’t mind getting Pinson if we lose JD.

I’m kinda thinking Lykes is a JD replacement. Looks to score rather than to pass.

Why do we think JD is leaving?

Rumor is, JD is going pro.

Wouldn’t surprise me, these kids nowadays

Yup, all these guys we are getting… because they want to leave somewhere. You can’t have them coming in, if they aren’t going out. Nothing wrong with upgrading. Every business in the world does it. It’s not just kids. I guess you never left a job, for what you believed to be a better one?

Old hunting hog always got something to try to stir the pot on all my posts… Smh

Jackson is announcing Friday. Gardner may do the same. Jones could be at any time apparently.

Jones to Florida…

That would be at any time…