That’s what LB Martvarius French said of the chances he could commit this weekend during his visit.

He might wait to make his decision on his birthday in July.

French said he and LB Bryson Eason plan to attend the same school.

Getting French would be huge RD, getting both would be unreal and huge for our D and the future of this team! Would speak VOLUMES about our recruiting and what we have going on here.

Thanks as always for the updates!

? Richard

Say over next three or four days, how many commits, do you think will the Razorbacks will receive from this weekend ?

I could see 1-5. So hard to predict.

There could be one you’re not expecting.

To me, the important thing is how many we eventually sign - not necessarily how many we get commitments from a day or two after the event.

Sure, it’s nice to get several early commitments from highly coveted recruits. But something like this weekend’s event can lead to a commitment several weeks or a few months down the road. In other words, the commitment may not happen now, but seeds are sown that bear fruit down the line.

Eleven members of the 2019 class visited on the big weekend in Feb of last year. Won’t be surprised to see a similar number coming out of this weekend.

Listened to Chad Morris talk about the weekend at the Mountain Home Razorback Club meeting on Wednesday. I think he’s really excited about the work this coming weekend and figures they will get some commitments, maybe several. He said these are “elite” players this weekend, lots of them.

It would be nice for the 20 class to start picking up some steam and a few commitments would do that. (Crawford and French).

And how many of those commitments went public within the week after the event? 3? 4?

This is what i’m talking about. Our fans shouldn’t be dismayed or disappointed if we “only” get a couple of commitments by a week from now. What truly matters is who signs with us in Dec and Feb (2020).

By the way, Richard - could you respond to this post (below)? I think it would make for an interesting story.


Thanks for responding to my second point (the link) above. [color=#0040FF]But how about my first question [/color]- how many of the 11 that we eventually signed this past class committed publicly within a few days of last year’s Big Recruiting weekend event?

You only had DL Trevis Hopper commit that Saturday during his visit and he eventually went to Memphis. Beaux Limmer and Malik Chavis committed about two weeks later.

I think this weekend could be different just because they’ve had a lot more time to develop relationships with these kids and many of them have been on campus before. We’ll see. Hard to predict what a 17-18 year old kid will do.

Will Chris Morris still visit this weekend Richard? I know you had said recently that you liked the odds of him being a hog. Still feel that way? And is their a timeline for his decision?

As asI know he is. Yes, still feel good but you know recruiting.

Most probably remember but from Jan.

http://www.wholehogsports.com/news/2019 … -prospect/