50-5 Bruce

Bruce is now 50-5 at home as AU head coach. Nice win hogs. Maybe MO wins tonight and get a great game Saturday.

Tennessee’s up 18-4 on Misery, which is causing Cuonzo Martin some misery tonight (2-10 from the field, 5 turnovers). Still 32 minutes to go but so far it’s ug-leee. Mizzou only shot 25 percent the other night in their 1-point win against Bradley, which suggests this is not a good shooting team. Both those games were at home, by the way.

The Missouri Tigers are offensively challenged. They play defense but Tennessee plays solid D and the Vols are getting wide open shots and every whistle.
Saturday will be a great chance for our hogs to beat Missouri before going to Tennessee get Wednesday. Opening SEC play with possibly 2 wins would be a good start.
I hope Justin Smith is able to return to the court soon. The hogs will need him.

Tennessee is getting great shots. Missouri hardly can get an open look.

Missouri looks like they are playing hot potato, no one wants the ball cause Tennessee’s defense is smothering. . .

I was the point guard for my high school team many years ago. When we played a team who pressed us, my teammates would pass the ball back to me immediately to get rid of it. They didn’t want the ball and that pressure. I would end up bringing the ball across the half court line by myself. I would get pissed off sometimes and just plow into a defender and flatten him who was trying to draw a charge. If a guy was going to try to get a cheap charging call, I was gonna make him pay for it.

Getting full court pressed is very tough for a team with only 1 or 2 guys who can handle the ball.

I’ll bet Auburn, in their other 4 losses in that 50-5 home record, didn’t make close to 52% of their 3 point shots. This is what makes this road win even more impressive. It proves we can still win a road game against a good (not great) SEC team when they are shooting lights out.

As Clay mentioned last night, defense, despite giving up 85 points, played a huge part in this win. We scored 27 points off Auburn’s 19 turnovers. That part of our game last night was very Nolan-esque, even though our defensive scheme is different than he ran (same intensity though).

Tenn defense is a nightmare! They are long and athletic and play with incredible tenacity, combine all that and you’ll be lucky to get 60 pts

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