5 years later

And not much to show for at this point.

List of things we need to be a winning program:

A dual threat qb, who can make something out of nothing.

A competent coach (should have been number 1)

A style of offense that closes the talent gap against the big guys.

OL who can block.


I honestly think our two DEs are overweight. They look slow at 285+
I think if they were closer to 270 they would be quicker off the ball, it looked like they were in sand.

OLBers who can set the edge, we need elite guys at this position, Ramsey is doing well at times, still thinks he needs a little more weight though.

Heart! Only 1 player plays every play with heart, and that’s Santos Ramirez. He has definitely proved me wrong personally with his progression as a player, I didn’t think he would be worth a crap , again, but he is. Truly gives it all, the other guys need to take notes.

Well, there you have it. We need better players & better coaches. I wish somebody had thought of that before so we could be winning national championships at a regular clip. We need you in the administration to hire these better coaches & recruit these better players. We waste so much money paying the ones we pay while we’re blessed with so much free talent in the stands & watching on TV.

Glad I could help.

I sure could’ve given Jeff Long some advice when that dummy gave CBB an extension.

The ridiculous buyout is the dumbest move any sports exec has made since the Vikings traded 400 draft picks to the Cowboys for Herschel


Likely means we are stuck with CBB another year.

Jeff Long needs to feel some heat as well, that was a horrendous move, and it’s showing to be worse and worse with time.