#5 UF just goes down

To unranked, unheralded Loyola-Chicago.

Crazy scores every year around finals

Weird that KeVaughn didn’t start.

Jalen Hudson didn’t start either. Interesting.

Allen has been cold as ice from 3 and a turn over machine! They are pressing as a team. It won’t last they will get hot!

Not really. He’s in a pretty bad shooting slump. For the season his 3-pt% is 30% and eFG% is 44%. Other than scoring, he never really has moved the needle in any other area. His offense right now is getting to the line, which he’s pretty good at.

He looks like he spent the summer preparing to compete in Olympic weightlifting. I wonder if that screwed up his shot. He’ll probably get it going at some point. Despite the added strength he’s the worst rebounder on the entire team. The really odd thing about Allen is that he fouls almost three times less often than any other player that gets minutes for UF. Fouls aren’t good, but fouling that infrequently usually indicates lack of defensive want-to.

Loyola’s HC is Porter Moser, who was HC at UALR about 15 years ago.

Loyola is a definite midmajor now, but they have a national championship trophy in their case. The real NC, not D2 or NAIA. They won the 1963 title.

Allen played 35 minutes last night, and once again was a volume shooter. White has to hope that Allen works his way out of his slump for conference play, if he does not score well that puts way too much pressure on their other guys to generate offense.

I have not known Allen to have a shooting slump anytime in his HS career. Monk was a streak shooter and would have games like this, but not Allen. You may be on to something regarding the change in body shape.

Yeah, he was always really consistent at NLR. I didn’t know he’d been that inefficient early on this year.

I’m still a little surprised. He’s been a big player for them the last few years and most of the time you don’t take those guys out of the starting lineup. And Hudson has been playing well, so I wonder what the reasoning was with him not starting.

Well, let me just say that I hope he regains his form after the season. He’s played well against us in past and I have no loyalty to Florida kids. I don’t wish him injury but i will not hope for his success at Florida.

Here you go Jimmy

http://www.gatorsports.com/2017/12/whit … en-hudson/

UF’s problem seems to be too much duplication on the roster, especially shooters that aren’t particularly strong on the defensive end. When they have several guys knocking down treys, they can score in bunches on anybody. However, they have given up 1.1+ points per possession in four of their last five games and gave up 1.05 ppp to Loyola on their own floor with Loyola’s PG missing a big chunk of the game due to injury. Now, UF has played some really good offensive teams lately like Duke, Gonzaga, and FSU, but Stanford and Loyola are not elite offensive teams. If you don’t defend any better than that, a string of missed treys can snowball into runs for the other guys. When the sphincters start tightening, you get a 2 of 19 night. It’s surprising that it happened at home, but it could be a problem for them on the road in the SEC. On the other hand, making shots is the best way to win road games. We’ll see how they react.