5 thoughts after Arkansas' loss at Ole Miss

On KJ, Rocket, Trey Knox, the defense and more:


Great job!

Nice job. Very well written!

Scottie, super job! I really enjoyed. Thanks.

There are a couple of things that stood out in the game. I agree that Sanders is a potential star. His size and speed are legitimate SEC quality. The only thing that I would add is that we have the deepest running back roster that we have had hsince the McFadden years. Smith, Green, and Johnson are also quality backs. You need more than 1 back in the Sec.

Knox has reopened the passing game to the tight end. He flashed a lot of potential today. If he can hold up blocking, he will be a weapon going forward.

And I want to commend the players and coaches for rebounding from the disaster in Georgia and for answering every Ole Miss score.

Even though we lost, I thought that we improved, especially on offense. Jefferson really played well and looks like we are going to be a top offense.

The defense had a bad day. There is no way to sugarcoat it. We allowed way too many chunk plays. The defense doesn’t need to be great, but we need to have more stops than we had today.


Great recap. Odom has to get defense back on track. Mizzou last year and Ole Miss should have been wins with points scored and time left in both games. Three man front stopping run and pressure on Qb and open receivers in secondary are recurring issues. Clary did nice job at tackle. Good to see Trey Flowers make plays. Turnovers are lacking which appears to be sign that teams are figuring out the defense and forcing us to decide what we want to pick. Good job by SP getting team to refocus. Team needs game at home with big crowd. Lot’s more ball to play.

If our darn defense made a play now and then we beat OM! We were dead on defense in the 4th Qtr.

Nice article, Scottie. I see now what all the talk was about Rocket. He is fun to watch. Big and fast.

KJ played great, and I mean great. He kept us in the game when Ole Miss kept scoring with ease. Ole Miss appeared to control the game, but we almost stole it. Too bad…I can’t stand those blowhards.

Rocket’s fumble is the kind you live with, he was fighting for extra yards and looked to have the ball fairly well protected.

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I really liked the way our QB played. He is going to be a tremendous force for this offense. We may have lost the game but gained a future all conference QB.

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Hmmm, it cost the game.

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You gotta protect the ball no matter what. Those situations where three people have him wrapped up and a fourth guy can rip the ball out without worrying that he’ll break the tackle are a turnover waiting to happen. Sometimes it’s better to get on the ground.

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Definitely. A second-quarter fumble Ole Miss didn’t capitalize on, that was the difference.


A field goal from the 27 yard line would be a 44 yarder and that’s if we didn’t gain a few yards before a field goal had to be attempted-assuming we didn’t eventually get a TD on that drive. Game points as it turned out. Not likely he will repeat that mistake again. Keeping the ball is more important than a couple more yards.

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Not sure I fully agree. The Hogs just didn’t score when they had mojo. And, the Hogs didn’t score again until the second half. This drive could have been a nail in the coffin.

What I was trying to say is he wasn’t running with the ball out like a loaf of bread, he was fighting hard for yards and got the ball stripped, it happens. I don’t want it to happen but it’s not like he flipped the ball back as he was running across the goal line and cost the team a touchdown.

Agree with that. He was fighting for yards, but often that’s when the ball comes out. The extra 18 inches isn’t worth a fumble.
KJ broke a rule of ball security too. You don’t extend the ball on a dive except on fourth down, but he did on the Superman play. Fortunately he got away with it but I cringed when I saw him stick the ball out.

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