5 things to know about UConn

Here are 5 things to know about UConn, the No. 4 seed standing between Arkansas and a third straight trip to the Elite Eight:

The Hogs have an extra day of rest. I’m thinking that’s a good thing as we head west.

It’s going to be a tug of war! We have to keep them off the offensive glass so we can get out in transition. We have to be able to protect inside and outside which is almost impossible to do according to Muss but I have a feeling we’re going to double team Sonogo because he’s just too big strong and agile to play straight up.

They have not seen a team with our type of athleticism since Alabama that will bother them just like it does everybody and if we can keep them making the silly turnovers, attack the rim aggressively and make the open shots that we get we will have a chance to win this game


Added what Kamani Johnson had to say today about Adama Sanogo to this analysis.

I just love Kimani’s attitude!!I will really miss seeing that smile and his tenacious way he plays the game…

My feel is that this is not a favorable match-up for Arkansas; UConn seems to be strong in areas where Arkansas has vulnerabilities.

That said - as many have pointed out - on paper it looked like Kansas would beat us. You just never know what specific game among many possibilities will actually play out on the ONE day the game occurs.

“That’s why they play the games”.

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