5 things to know about Colgate

From Matt and I:

Burns is the kid from San Antonio Marshall who went to a prep school in Connecticut and then to Colgate. One of your more unusual paths to college basketball stardom.

That Bucknell team that beat us in 2006 was probably the best team to ever play in the Patriot League. The season before they beat us, they beat #3 seed Kansas in the NCAA tournament. If I remember right, they returned almost their entire team that beat Kansas, thus their high seeding. They won 27 games that season, including road wins at Syracuse (ranked #17) and Depaul.

If we take them lightly and they come in on fire,they have a chance of blowing us away.

OMG, really?? If we play our worst game of the year and they play their best game, they might win. But “blow us away” seriously? :rofl:

I’m sure Muss will have them ready to play. I’m sure our players will be ready and excited to be there. But yes, most anything can happen in a single game in the NCAA Tournament. VA, as a 1 seed, proved that in 2018 when they lost to a 16 seed.

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How many times has a muss team taken a team lightly? They deserve the respect but Muss will have our boys ready. We are more athletic, just have to execute.

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Muss won’t let that happen.

Good grief.

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The world will end when a huge fire ball comes out of no where and hits the earth on 2/2/2022.

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