5 things Muss said on his IG live Q&A

I can answer that from what I’ve heard about current SEC basketball coaches: 10 out of 14 of the current coaches and their staff trash other coaches and programs. Musselman isn’t one of them from my understanding.

This isn’t new by any means, but can anyone guess who they think is the worst one? Hint: It’s not Calipari.

My guess would be either Pearl or Wade.

I agree with those 2. On the flip side, for the 4 good ones, my guess would be:
CEM, Buzz, Crean, and Martin.

Which Martin?

From what I’ve heard, Wade obviously is bad and Pearl is pretty bad too.

The absolute worst from people I know even from that school is Howland.

I’ve heard Muss, maybe in podcasts, say that Crean is the SEC coach that he has the most in common with. That at SEC meetings, Crean is the one he usually ends up sitting with. Muss is also highly complimentary of Calipari. He says Cal has done so much for other coaches in the way he helps and supports the profession.

Not sure if I can pick 4, but 2 dirtbags are easy…Wade and Howland. My guess is Wade got picked on at recess a lot and has some sort of complex. Ben Howland…Not worth putting my angry thoughts on this virtual paper for that man.

Frank. I had forgot about Counzo.

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