5 takeaways from Arkansas' first 2 games

Wrote on Connor Vanover, Moses Moody, JD Notae, Desi Sills and how well this group shared the ball in its first two games together:

I was able to see the games, or at least portions of them because the first game was such a blow-out I quit at half time and the North Texas games was hard to watch, so I watched early into the second half before getting distracted with other things. Not having fans, sure does change the watching experience for me, I know we are lucky to have games period, but the excitement level is different. I can only imagine the way the players feel. Since we cannot have on-campus visits, I guess this is a non-factor, but I always felt that having a good crowd and the experience at the Bud was a great recruiting aide.

Probably an early season thing, but even with good sharing of the ball, the shot selection in the North Texas game was a little suspect, in my opinion. Maybe better described as impatient, but I suspect early in the season the kids are pressing a bit to show what they can do.

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I was hoping Moses wouldn’t struggle early, but I had kind of half expected it.

Expectations about Moody have been built up sky high. He is expected to be the next star player at Arkansas after Bobby Portis. However, Moses has never been the star player on any team he has played on starting with Parkview, NLR and then Monteverde. He has never been the first option anywhere. In fact at Monteverde, he was the fourth option. Most of his scoring came from open shots. Now he is expected to be a star and scorer at Arkansas.

I think it is going to take part of the season to adjust to expectations. I am confident by end of season, Moses will deliver what everyone expects. Talent will always surface in the end.

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PJ do you see Moses as a lottery pick like some are saying? I really like Moses but I just don’t see him as a lottery pick.

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Anything is possible, but based on recent history of lottery picks, I don’t see him improving enough to be a lottery pick. I think he definitely has a chance to be first rounder though. I think he is ahead of where Isaiah was coming into the freshman year. What is your opinion of him relative to Isaiah?

I think he handles the ball better than Isiah and compared to Isiah’s freshman year I think Moses is a better slasher.

It would be hard to convince me that anybody on our team now is a better shooter than Isiah. I may be a little blinded by that statement because Isiah is one of my favorite players of all time.

Two college games and high school isn’t fair to judge Moses off of but I was hoping to see more of a dominate player than I have so far.

I know better to think this way. My son is in his first year at Crowleys Ridge in Paragould. Its his third year of college ball. They have played about 6 games and in the first 4 he was very passive and not really being aggressive. After a little talk with him, he has put up 29 and 21 the last two games.

So its quite possible Moses gets rolling soon.

Based on his Monteverde play, I feel Moses matches Isaiah in terms of accuracy from the 3, but at this time, he does not have the range that Isaiah had. Also I think Moses is better than Isaiah from the corner. He was a deadeye from there in high school.

I would also like to see how Moses does on transition threes when you have less time to set up for the jumper. Isaiah was money on that. BTW, so was. Ant Bell.

Again, as you said two games is just not enough to draw conclusions on some of this,

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Good take. I agree 100%.

Isaiah is the best shooter I’ve seen in-person and Moses is definitely a better slasher/driver. That said Isaiah got better going to the basket.

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I’m so glad you mentioned Anthlon. We fans, me included, tend to forget what a great 3 point shooter Bell had become in his senior year. I think he has the 2nd highest 3 pt percentage to Scottie’s 45%+. I think Mayberry has the best, Bell would be 3rd.

You are right about Bell. One of those 3 star recruits that plays like a 4 star by junior year,


I live in Paragould. I hope he is doing well. I saw that they actually play ASU Friday. That’s a big deal. I will look for him. What’s his name?

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His name is KJ Corder. He’s so excited to play ASU but I’m terrified that the score will be ugly.

I’ll look for him.

I would be worried, too, only because it’s DI ASU vs what, D3 CRC?

ASU has been embarrassingly bad and Memphis is about to run them out after themselves being embarrassed.

Some of ASU’s really dumb recruiting decisions are coming back to bite them. And they’re catching a lot of heat. So, I’m sure they’ll want to put up a big number.

I hope CRC puts up a fight. I’ll be rooting for them.

We won a close game last night against a pretty good team from Holly Springs, Ms. Our biggest player is 6’5 about 200lbs.

They had a kid about 6’8 a solid 250. In warm ups I just knew we were going to get hammered. We won by three. My son made a free throw to push the lead to 3 with ten seconds left. Got the stop to win.

The other coach should be fired for not throwing it to the big man every play…thank goodness he didn’t. Definition of out coaching yourself…lol

I saw him on the news hitting a 3.I’m happy for you. Hope he enjoys it here.

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Thank you Notorious! The family he is living with in Jonesboro sent us that clip from the news. He seems to like it there. He’s so quiet its hard to get a read sometime…lol

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