5-star's parents thrilled with Arkansas pick


Great read! The interview really opened up what is important to the recruits and their families. Thanks for sharing.

‘The Woo Pig Soooiee Dance’. :slight_smile:

Richard, fantastic read. Perhaps your best. Jordan and his family are going to all 3 be fan favorites.

You gave us a great feel about what kind of people Jordan’s parents are. Clearly they are outstanding parents, who have raised their son to be an outstanding person of high character.

I’m as excited to see Jordan flying down the court in his Razorback uniform as any recruit we’ve ever had.


I’ve talked to a lot of parents who were very pleased with their son’s decision but not sure any of them more pleased than the Walshes.

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Second that great article, much appreciated. It was deeply informative. Stay healthy, Jordan, so looking forward to you excelling on the court and classroom.

Fantastic article, RD! Hope you get to do one with Anthony Black’s parents.

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Such a great article. Every Hog fan should read this - it really makes you want to support Jordan (and all the players) even that much more. They have a lot of great choices and they picked us - we should all do everything we can to return the favor and ALWAYS show great support!

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