5-star to visit for Kentucky weekend

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What do you think our chances are?

Chance he re-classifies to '23?

An OV gives you 48 hours with the kid. He sees him and Black being very similar. I think that’s a plus.

I’ve talked to Trentyn twice and I’m so impressed with is maturity. His parents have done an outstanding job with him. I’ve heard the Louisville talk and understand that but with him making a decision a month or so after the Arkansas visit tells me they’re really going to think this out.

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I lean toward no but understand how things can change.

How does his game compare to Dink Pate? Does Flowers project as a 1 or 2?

Both see themselves as as capable of playing the 1 and 2. Flowers told me he’s a combo and I do believe he likes playing the point.

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That would be a huge backcourt.
Yes, please!

monstrous backcourt

both of those guys are legit 6-9 in height, right?

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