5 Star Radar!

RD or DD do you guys think coach Morris will sign a 5 star recruit before his tenure is up here?..And if so what position do you think his first 5 star signee will play

I think they will. And if I had to guess, I’d say WR

I wouldn’t rule out CCM and this staff. Win some games and a bowl game. Show a high powered offense and strong defense and it’s possible to sign a few. What may help more is to continue to increase the number of 4 star players that sign.

Probably an in-state kid like Hudson Henry, who Lemming had as a 5-star.

Wouldn’t dismiss them getting an out of state kid either. I’m guessing Alex Collins was the last one.

WR is the safe pick but think it will be an O lineman or transfer QB that’s was a 5 star

Hudson should have been his first…still scratching my head on that one and why he wasn’t. I also think the Warren WR (name is slipping me…brain fart) would have been very close to one as highly ranked as he was and that was without ever going to any camps etc. Had he done that and put himself out there more he very well may have been higher ranked too.

It will come though and like others said, probably at a QB or WR spot if this offense really get’s rolling!

I would tell you that he signed two 5-star talents in this class - even if Henry or Burks were tabbed as high 4 stars.

But as far as getting one that is actually classified that by one of the major services, I do think WR is the most likely spot right now, but I think those Texas roots are going to help land some from there along the way.

Chavis could get a 5* safety, DE, or CB to.

That and a trend of NFL draftees.


If Catalon was 6-1, 200 he would’ve been a 5-star. No doubt.

I agree