5-star PF sets Monday for Arkansas visit


OMG, NFL DE’s would be envious of this kid’s body! I hope he, his Mother, and Godfather really enjoy their trip to Fayetteville and their visits with the coaches.


Kijani was to arrive around 5 today but because of flight delay, he’s set to get in at 7:44 tonight. That’s if there are no other delays.

Hope Muss, staff and the facilities dazzle him/them even more. This guy looks the part and plays the part.

Are the rumors true that Ramel Lloyd, Jr. will be joining Kijani Wright on UA campus tomorrow and meeting with coaching staff? For anyone that might know.

The Lloyds won’t get in until 7:45 tomorrow night. That’s if there are no delays.

They both should be here Wednesday at some point?

So the “rumors” are true then. Both players will be on campus together tomorrow and/or Wednesday. Really interesting news. Could we be seeing a double commitment to Arkansas from both players in the very near future?


I don’t think this is news. It’s how much time they’ll spend together. I doubt they see much of one another Tuesday night. Kijani will be doing day two visit stuff on Wednesday while Ramel will be on day one. I could see them eating breakfast and lunch together.

Last I checked, Kijani will decide July-August.

Oh 7:45 pm… read that wrong.

OK, so they’ll be on campus together just Wednesday. Got it.

A few more delays but they are here.


Glad to hear he made it! Feel like I can go to bed now. Feel like Muss, Gus, Keith and Senor RD got it from here.

Muss, Smart, Argenal, Riley Hall, Anthony Ruta & Michael Musselman met him, his mother & Godfather Doug Joseph at the airport.


Any visit updates on Kijani?

told by two sources everything is going well.



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