5-star Nick Smith commits to Arkansas (story)

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Asked Nick if he was signing in Nov and he said he didn’t know.

Wow! I didn’t see this coming… Wrote him off long ago. Never count Muss out!

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A lot of people did eagle, myself included, glad to be wrong. WPS


A couple of national writers said that Kansas got in on him late. Not that it matters much, but is that true.

I don’t know if they were late or not, but they were on him heavy. He had an official visit there in June.

If we are going to thank anyone, it should be Coach Cal pulling back on Nick. I am still surprised that being the #5 recruit, we did not have to beat out a blueblood. Weird.

Same thing with Portis. We did not have to beat out a blueblood.

Kansas started recruiting Nick in the summer of 2020, offered him in December.

To say they got on him late seems like revisionist history to me.

I know Bill wanted him

SMH. :roll_eyes:

Seems like you just can’t let EM have full credit and always have a caveat.

I just don’t understand you always having a but attached.

Kentucky had a group of great players on their list and Nick was one of them.

Let’s put that aside - are Kansas and North Carolina not blueboods?

Did you forget Kentucky’s legit offer to Gafford, who turned down a lot of let’s say “pre-NIL stuff” to be a Razorback?

You are a great and valued member of this site, but the blind spot in this situation seems clear.

I mean the guy is on the verge of having two top 5 classes in 3 yeears.


PJ won’t give Muss any credit until he signs an out of state 5 star. SMH is right. We are blessed in the entire athletic department now. No caveat required.


I already applauded Muss getting two Top 5 classes. Also said that Muss is doing the best recruiting since Nolan.

Regarding the “buts”, the items I stated don’t take away any credits from Muss. On the other hand, they are opportunities for even more credits for Muss and he maybe on the verge of doing that. At least one of the two.

Two things I would like see an Arkansas coach do.

One, beat Kentucky or Duke or UNC in a head to head situation. It is my impression that once they make the recruit a priority. Would love to see Muss do that and erase the failure to sign Monk, at least from my mind.

Second, sign an out of state 5 star. This has been done before, the last being Pelphrey getting BJ Young. Once Muss does that, I think floodgates will open for him at the highest level in out of state recruiting. And we know this could happen in the next 30 days with this guy from Texas.

As far as Nick, in my view I didn’t think UNC was seriously involved with Nick. I don’t know about Kansas being a blueblood. They are very beatable in recruiting. However, this is a even bigger get because Nick was bent on going out of state and Muss turned that completely around. And I have said that

I guess if I had stopped there, you would have been okay with that. But when sone things come to my mind, this is the platform I have to express them.

I do not recall Gafford turning down Kentucky. I always thought we did not have to battle much to get his commitment. From what you are saying, I am wrong on that.

Same thing with Portis. I don’t remember UK or Duke or UNC going after him. I know Portis and Gafford were always thinking all-Razorback, but still we didn’t have to seriously battle the three bluebloods to get their commitments.

You may be the only person I’ve ever heard say that.

5 National Championships
6 National runner-ups
15 final fours


Self has won 82 percent of his games at KU, 81 percent of his Big 12 games (Calipari has only won 78 percent of his games). Fifteen O8 titles (6 for the Squid). Three Final Fours and a natty. Adidas money may have a lot to do with that, but for the last 18 years they’re pretty darn blue.

PJ - I was going to inquire about why you didn’t think Kansas was blue blood, but the previous post took care of that

I mean ?

As I noted earlier, I consider you a trusted and valued member of the HI community.

I just think you have blind spot or hesitancy to go all the way in on credit.


PJ is an informed and valued poster here in my humble opinion.
Always look forward to his take on the status of Hog hoops.
That being said, he has always had a
clearly biased perspective on the Mike Anderson situation. Never really understood It.
Anyone who doesn’t think it was time for Mike to go makes me question their basketball IQ and true allegiance to Razorback basketball.

Mike = great guy, average coach.
We have upgraded in such an immense way.
Any arguments to the contrary are ridiculous.

Hopefully soon we can all recognize what we have on the hill now and get behind it with no reservations!!


Borders on something some cohorts of mine would call pathological. I find it amusing. Einstein had a statement that covers it. What would Wilt the Stilt say?

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