5-Star Makur Maker

Arkansas has made contact with Dream Vision about Makur, but so has everyone else. He’s the best I’ve seen this weekend. A 7-footer that can do it all. His outside shot is on par with the best shooting guards in the nation.

He’s definitely a one-and-done.

Makur can reclassify to 2019 if convinced. By the way this is Dalen Terry & Kyree Walker's AAU teamate..(that is the inside connect your probably looking for in this post)

He’s Thon Makers cousin right?


Small correction. Kyree and Makur play on the same AAU team. Kyree and Dalen play on the same high school team.

But, your point is still valid.

I made the post knowing this is a long shot at the very best. I suspect he’ll end up at Kentucky or another place known for producing one and dones.

Muss has a very good relaltionship with Dream Vision so I guess anything is possible.

I’d be shocked if he left the Left-Coast period.