5-star Kijani Wright finds Musselman and staff genuine

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Thanks, Richard. Is it your opinion we have a legit shot here?

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Tough call. I think so but can’t say I know where he’s leaning. He and his godfather keep things close to the vest.

“Genuine” doesn’t generate a lot of excitement/hope on my part…

He obviously had a connection with the staff. He also likes Muss’ offense and the freedom he allows.

I’ve met numerous people I felt I couldn’t trust based off conversations. I’ve also felt the same as Wright during some talks with others. Authentic is a good thing. I rather do business with someone or be in a relationship with the latter.

I see it as a positive.

I have no idea if we will get him or not, but the fact he said he found the staff to be genuine, and you somehow see that as a negative is hilarious to me.

I guess the glass looks two-thirds empty.

Oh no in no way did I think it was negative, just thought there are a lot of other reactions that are more positive. Its like getting fixed up on a date and being told the other person has a nice personality…


I think that Kijani and his family don’t seem to be caught up in the hype and the flashiness of it all. I think personally that’s good. Seems like a very level headed young man and support system.

I would take it as a very good sign myself. I’m just wondering how can we take all these high level kids at once?
Smith, Jr.

You can add to the list a few more like Mitchell and others. But following mikeindallas’s reference, you are making an assumption that everyone you ask for a date is going to say “yes”.


I hated it when I was told they make their own clothes.

I had a blind date my freshman year in college. At the start the girl presented me with a shirt she made that matched hers. At end of date she asked for it back.

The shirt I came in was in the back seat. So I was ok giving it back. That was days of wearing white undershirts.

FYI, it was a sophomore girl from Jasper the Hotz Hall RA set us up. With the way the night went, she did not expect me to ask her out again.

She was plenty cute, but a little rough around the edges - like she might could whip me. Jasper was a rough place back then!

She asked me pointed questions - like could I clean a deer. She knew how to use a sling shot and had eaten squirrel brains.

Don’t ever go if the positive is that she makes her own clothes.

Sounds like I would have liked this girl! Of course, Jasper was a big city compared to where I grew up. All “our” girls knew how to skin and eat a squirrel or deer. They had to or starve.

How can you not laugh with this thread. This is so hilarious.
Humor is good for us, right?

If she could frog gig then she was a keeper. Homemade shirts & all.

My grandmother cooked the whole squirrel, but she was the only one in the family that ate the brains. Since she raised seven kids in South Arkansas during the Depression and wasted nothing, we just thought it was her being cheap again. I later was told that wild game brains are a gourmet delicacy for some folks so maybe she just knew what was good to eat and kept that knowledge to herself.

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