5 star forward Watford commits to Wade's LSU

Unbelievable. With all his issues with the FBI, Will,Wade secured a commitment from 5 star 6-8 forward Trendon Watford out of Alabama.

Clearly he now knows he can get away with anything. He was on tape buying players and got nothing…it’s a free for all!

Why not now that the NCAA is kicking around the idea of paying players, Wade can use that as a recruiting pitch that thanks to him and some other scum bags the NCAA may start paying players soon. Meanwhile he continues to write the checks or funnels the cash wherever it needs to go.


Why not now that the NCAA is kicking around the idea of paying players

[/quote]I’m not sure this is accurate. I don’t believe the NCAA is “kicking around the idea of paying players” but rather allowing players to get paid, by a private entity not the NCAA, for endorsements, autographs etc etc.

With Duke caught bending the law if not breaking it, you know they are working overtime to wiggle out and this basically helps exonerate actions of all.

Duke needs to lower bar for all and likely making that case to protect itself and in turn makes more fragrant violators look better too.

And smell better too. lol it’s amazing how one little letter can totally change a word. :lol: I couldn’t stop laughing for a solid minute. You’re point, though was clear and correct.

Also, a couple of days ago, Javante Smart announced he was withdrawing from the draft and returning to LSU. He was the player likely referred to by Wade on the taped conversation.

Ha. Good catch. What I get for trying to type while on exercise bike.

This situation is exactly why Arkansas needs to open the check book. If the NCAA comes calling, just throw it back in thier faces. And take them to court and drag an investigation out for months or years. We need to stop virtue signaling to ourselves about not paying players and start participating on a level playing field with the rest of the SEC.

*Your #Irony

Not an attorney, but I think a school has to be careful about firing a coach unless the NCAA penalizes the program or the FBI charges Wade with something. I get that it sounds like Wade is guilty as heck, but without any charges the school can’t fire or Wade will sue them for firing without cause. Just my take.

They can fire without cause and pay the buyout, right?

Like I said I’m not an attorney.

Uh, I don’t think so!


Correct the NCAA won’t be paying players directly but the players can solicit outside sources.
Hello the money going to the players now (against NCAA rules) mostly comes from outside sources anyway.

I’m not advocating that Arkansas starts buying players. I’ve never been for that, and not gonna start now.

That said, even if we did, I have no confidence we wouldn’t be the exception that would have to pay a heavy price - unlike many who openly cheat, GET CAUGHT, and get nothing.

You can’t assume just because LSU gets away with something that Arkansas would. Never seems to work that way.