5 plays for 400 yds

Who’s still worried about that head coaching job for Odom?

Did he fall asleep? I mean 5 plays for 400 yards. Help me understand??

I have not covered the stats…Really??

I just double checked. Their 5 biggest plays totaled 325. 2 passes totaling 100 and 3 runs totaling 225 but check my math. 5 plays for 325. 5!!!

And a lot of those untouched and on Bumper. WTH is going on? Is it on Bumper or Odom?

I think Bumper got out of position, left his lane and then got blocked out of the play. JMHO

On all 3 70 plus runs?

Bumper does not have Grant Morgan or Henry to bail him out.

On the two Gibbs runs for TD’s, (for certain on the last TD run), I think so. Not sure on the QB 70+yard run.

We do not have the personnel on offense or defense.

Saban could not win with what we have on the field at the moment and that’s with all due respect to the heart of players we have of course.

This is not a great Alabama team.

We have to spend more time recruiting right now than worrying whether this team is much more than bowl eligible.


You are right. Chad set us back maybe 20 years. What a pill to have to swallow.

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