5 observations

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Just got back to the hotel a little while ago. The game’s airing again on ESPN and I almost decided to go through and pull video now, but I’ll do it tomorrow evening and add the film for Monday morning like last week.

Obviously a lot on Austin Allen and Rawleigh Williams. The special teams roller coaster. The OL did a nice job run blocking but again was inconsistent in pass pro (did do well on the final drive and in OT). Colton Jackson really struggled. Hjalte had a bad missed block early but I thought was markedly better overall watching it live.

I’ll have to go back and watch more closely, but I thought the secondary took some steps forward even with the issues in the fourth. Liked how they lined up. But I was also on the field for a good chunk of that, so it made it difficult to see.

I thought we played more press coverage, and it made us more vulnerable to the shots down the middle that Hill was hitting in the second half. Everything’s a tradeoff.

Austin Allen was great late in the game but through 3.5 quarters he struggled. Still staring down receivers. Seems like when they break the huddle he has made up his mind where he is throwing and cannot go through the progressions. Has moxie and potential but he is still a work in progress. Part of his problem maybe that the pocket is never clean because our young line struggles in pass protection.

I disagree with your statement that AA struggled thru 3.5 quarters. That is simply a bad observation.

Mchenry and are not the same person, are not related, and do not know each other.

I agree Austin had a super game and was a strength of the team.

I understand what you mean that he does stare down receivers at times. Something that Enos will get fixed, but give that guy credit. He lead two game winning drives when, I’ll be honest, never thought he could do it. I thought the game was lost after the missed FG. Won’t lie about. He proved me wrong and proved that he has the grit, guts, (nuts), and everything else it takes to be a qb. I’m very happy to have him leading our hogs and feel so much more comfortable knowing his abilities!

AA is a competitor. So is/was BA. I really enjoyed the story about him, BA, and their dad with the video content that was posted a while back. When you grow up as the little brother, you have to compete for everything. He won’t be perfect but I’m glad he’s our QB.

Wow Fred, well done! :sunglasses:

He had 126 yards of passing until the midway through the 4th quarter. From the stands, I saw several plays that receivers were wide open and he checked down. He had some late game heroics and if you read my full post I mentioned that his young line is struggling with pass protection is part of the problem. Let’s be very clear, if they are going to win in the SEC, he is going to have to continue to get better every week. Remember South Dakota State put up 41 points against the TCU last week.

In my opinon AA is making up his mind who to pass to before the snap. He missed several wide open receivers and he is going to Drew Morgan even if others are just as open or more so. But he is a pretty accurate passer and he is confident and I like him.