5 observations from UT-Arlington (w/video)

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— Jaylen’s second-half showing. Was aggressive and a playmaker on both ends of the court. Turnovers need to come down, but he made most of them being aggressive, which you can live with.

— Anton’s closer role. Hit the big stepback J to put the Hogs up 5 with less than a minute, one of a few late-clock shots he made. He’s playing with a lot of confidence right now.

— Risk, reward defense. Hogs gave up 8 3s in the first half, forced 12 turnovers in the second.

— Moses got essentially no touches. UTA did a nice job denying by fronting and with its 2-3 zone, but the Hogs just missed making simple entry passes at other points. Wouldn’t mind there being some more creativity shown in getting him the ball.

— Rotation shortened. No freshmen tonight. Nice offense/defense subbing late by Mike. No Macon in the final 6:32. Cook played almost double the minutes Thompson did.

— Stray thoughts.

Moses is getting so few touches that he feels like he has to take a shot when he does get the touch, resulting in bad shots and misses. That tends to erode confidence if it continues too long. Additionally being named the preseason SEC POY is putting some undue pressure on Moses. They need to fix this by finding ways to get him some uncontested dunks like he used to get. He did get one last night.

There’s also some level of Jabril-effect here.

Agree. That was one thing I had expected of Barford. There was a lot of talk about his court vision in the preseason. So far I am disappointed with that part of Barford’s play. His reluctance to being aggressive may be contributing to that. Hopefully it s on the mend.

Having said that, I do like Barford and what he potentially will do for this team. Yes, Macon and Beard can handle the point up to a point, but the overall skills Barford brings to the game suggests that if he performs to expectations, Razorbacks will have a very good year.

Thanks, Jimmy, for the observations stuff. Really look forward to them. Just don’t expect to see a lot of creativity in getting Moses more touches.

Macon and Hannahs need to be feeding Kingsley from the wing to create space. Kingsley also got more touches at the high post last season than he has been getting so far this season.

I miss your detailed analysis after each game, backed up by numbers.

Opponents that focus on rebounding and spreading out for threes continue to give Arkansas real problems. It is a weakness of this system.

I haven’t watched every minute of every game, but it occurs to me that Barford may be focusing on getting to the rim to score instead of getting to the rim to hand out assists, to Moses or anyone else. Certainly that’s how it seemed to me in the second half Friday night when Barford spearheaded the rally.

Wait, they are still collecting W’s and you post weakness in the system. C’mon man. I’m curious to see how the hawgs play on the road next week, I read that Pitino’s son is on the hot seat must win season.

Arkansas needs to find a way to get Kingsley more involved + better do it fast (in time for Minnesota).