5 observations from Arkansas-Louisiana Tech

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The one big question is why did Arkansas quit calling play-action passes?

I think the reason they stopped calling PA passes was the lack of pass protection. With straight drop backs he had more time to survey the field/the rush.

I also thought the fakes by Austin need some shaping up. It wasn’t nearly as sharp as the way BA carried them out.

The running game sets up play-action. You turn your back on play-action. If they are not playing run, the play-action isn’t very good. The play-action pass got better in the winning drive. Why? There were five straight power runs by Rawleigh Williams to start the drive. You run the ball downhill, play-action pass is good. There was a boot leg off of play-action to start the third quarter. Sack.

Looking back, Bret said they should have hit the run harder earlier in the game. That might have helped protection, believe it or not.

…and here’s hoping they hit the run ALOT harder against TCU.