5 million for assistants?

I missed the PC today which sounded really good.

Sam May be just what we needed.

Seeing a lot of chatter about only having 5 million for assistants.

Is that right?

Did we take the salary savings on Sam and put in our pockets?

Still holding out hope we play with big time assistants.

5M or so…Sam could probably hit up some big money folks to chip in some more, just shed a few tears, lol. And yes, I think those were the real thing, might have to fake it with Warren, JT, or Johnelle…

Thank you.

Was hopeful for a couple of almost 2m coordinators in my dreams

Yeah, I don’t see us going there, more like $1M each.

I sure wished I could struggle making $1millon a year :grinning:

I think Pittman is a great selection for this job but he has to have the resources to hire the best staff possible. I am guessing that money will not be an issue but in my opinion he needs to be able to pay enough to compete with any SEC school for the services of a coach. 5 million may be enough but I wish they would simply say they would pay accordingly based on each coach’s experience and ability. They use that language in the head coach search so I do not see why they would not do the same with the assistant coaches.

I read yesterday that Texas is going to make a run at Joe Brady with a huge offer. If Arkansas had a chance to attract that type of guy I would hope that they would find a way. I have no idea who Pittman may get for his coordinators but those two positions are huge decisions.

Brady is the “hot” name now. And he deserves nice raises and/or OC jobs. But Joe Burrow proved to be one of those rare kids who blew up at the right time. I’d admit Brady had a lot to do with it but I’d like to see what Brady could do with a QB like the one Saban is having to play. Good but not great.

Sam’s contract is incentive laden. Have any of you thought about whether the $5MM is just base pay and more money could be available for assistants via incentives? I bet that’s what’s happening. And why isn’t that a good thing? Let the professional (HY) handle things. He knows more than anyone here what it will take to adequately pay assistants.

I don’t think the salary pool for assistant coaches has been a problem at Arkansas in a long time. If the coach is wanted, the Razorbacks make a competitive offer. Sam Pittman is the perfect example of that. He got a huge pay raise when Alabama tried to hire him away early in his time here.

But paying big money for an assistant coach does not guarantee anything. John Chavis ranked in the top 10 or so this year and fielded what was statistically the second-worst defense in the history of the program.

Chavis was 9th in sEC DC pay… how is that big money

Chavis was being paid $1.5 million per year and was set to increase to $1.6 million next year. That is a big-money coordinator. The 2019 USA Today salary database should be published any day and I suspect he’ll be in the top 7-10 nationally for this year.

Ray you may be looking at the 2018 USA Today list. Chavis got a huge raise for 2019-20 as Matt indicated. Why, I have no idea.

Chavis? Why?

Everybody knew he was awful when we hired him…

Chavis’ first-year salary here was subsidized by his buyout money at Texas A&M.

Good business move, but it sure did not work out.

Just out today: Chavis was the eighth-highest paid assistant in the nation this year.

Hahaha wow