#5 Boyd

I really think Boyd will take over the running back position and not let it go after this week. I can see him having a very good game and making this game lot closer than the experts will have in their books. I think he is the total package with the size and the speed and can take it to the house at any giving time and will be the man for here on out. I would like to see more of him and the big back M. Williams get a lot more touches.

He has the vision and patience to wait on the whole to open up, that Whaley does not have.

I have always thought he was our Best but getting here so late I was fearful would he ever get enough touches to show that with 2 other ahead of him but he has very good speed and tougher to tackle than i thought

Hayden may have something to say about that…TJ Hammonds too.

His pass blocking needs to improve, but the guy knows how to run the dang ball!

Right now there is not a running back on the team that is as good as Chase Hayden was as a freshman, before his season-ending injury. Unfortunately, that includes this year’s Hayden. I don’t know if the injury is still limiting him or if it is mainly mental.

Whaley is an enigma. Sometimes, he flashes signs of why he was ranked the 5th best RB in the country coming out of HS. Other times, he looks like a decent back-up RB.

Boyd, has also flashed, and if he can show consistency, he may end up being the primary RB. I do like what I’ve seen of him so far.

But, what I’m hoping to see this year, is last year’s Chase Hayden emerge from this year’s RB group.

I’ve never seen Whaley break a tackle. The first guy that hits him, he goes down. Many times its just by the ankle.

Totally agree on Hayden, the injury must be limiting him at least for now. Hope he can get back to last year from soon.

Hayden is our best back when healthy

Boyd has that extra gear and always leans forward when getting hit… I really want to see him take over at the RB spot…