4th down calls

Aloha Matt,
Once again spot on. Against Liberty, pressed on fourth down mid-field. Failure led to winning Liberty TD. Against LSU, pressed on fourth and goal and failed resulting in loss of a potential FG. Later, pressed AGAIN at mid-field and failed-AGAIN leading to LSU’s game winning TD.
A lot of pressing with devastating results.
UA…Campus of Champions

All of this discussion reminds me of the old stock market/financial saying: Pigs get fed, HOGS get slaughtered! Pun intended.

Glad to have you here with us Hog FANatics. Yes, the phantom and SEC influenced review was one of three blatantly advantageous placements by the cheating officials- I don’t think it was inadvertent. The SEC Officials did what they could to help protect LSU and their then #7 ranking and likely SEC conference championship contenders. The difference in the number of millions of dollars in the bowl they will play in now is huge.

I think we are gonna see CSP become more conservative as he matures as a head coach. I don’t know what the percentages are but it seems that gambling in football usually goes against you unless you have a decidedly superior team.

No. Just fans usually have short term memory. We really only remember the last game much less last season.

There is a large assumption behind criticism of not taking the field goal in the first quarter, which has been voiced as “if we just kick the field goal there, we go into overtime tied at 13-13.”

The large assumption is that in all respects the game would have been coached the same - on both sides - the rest of the way.


A decidedly superior team doesn’t have to gamble.

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