4th and 12 up 39 and throwing

okay Coach Moorhead we won’t forget that.

What a classless move.

Cheap. Really cheap.

Everything about MooState is classless

did not see it, but it is Nick Fitzgerald’s last game and he is epitome of class… No worse than running a split draw on us. Score at the point had already put our kids past just tolerating losing and hoping to get game over. I doubt any future motivations based on that will be needed. When are we getting to the point of hanging 40 on any opponent??? NOT UNDER this regime. We have a good coach, not a great one and even his KB connection looks suspect now.

Trying get to 50, not that big of a deal.

Are they supposed to quit because they have a big lead? Sportsmanship died along with amateur games.

Don’t like it then stop it. Maybe Arkansas should propose a mercy rule in SEC play, would hate for the fans to get their feelings hurt.

What goes around comes around. I hope that I’m still here to see it.

As a defense, you should stop the play if you don’t like it.

But I am sure it will be remembered and should be.

If you don’t want somebody to score stop them… tired of worrying if the other team are good sportsman or not.

What a pathetic reality we reside in that we even have to worry about it.

There’s no such thing as amateur athletics Moo U pay players just like other programs. More head better enjoy this season his defensive play makers are headed to the NFL. He will get plenty of egg in his face. I hope the Hogs get to put it on him.
As far as a mercury rule. There isn’t one and at some point pride should case players to have enough heart to want to stop a team from scoring. Of course we have players more interested in cheerleaders than player football so there’s the problem.